What do you like about Hunter Island?

After last night and the storm of complaining it is easy to get lost in the negative side of a game which all games have regardless no game is perfect so I figured I would start a whats good about the game thread as i didn’t see one when i did a few searches. 

  1. Its easy enough a 3 year old could probably play but hard enough i still have snags as a 25 year old college student.

  2. Their is no real need to grind levels for the most part.

  3. after completing the game I still find myself continuing to play it (as much as my other half dislikes it, i still consider this a plus)

  4. The first ones you get continue to level up the more you use them. which is awesome because i remember only using one or two of the spirit monsters at the end but i use all of them on this game.

5.PvP is awesome granted it has its quirks its still engaging and allows you to test out and see tactics and monsters you wouldn’t otherwise.

  1. they brought back most of the iconic monsters from dragon island like the dragons and iv seen a number of black panther wolverine monsters cant remember what they are called(have yet to see a death crawler which was my favorite but there is a similar monster)

  2. A MIDGET ON A CHICKEN!.. enough said

  3. i used to play a lot of dragon warrior and Pokemon as a kid and this is reminiscent of both but completely different and does better in some areas (having first ones, more than 6 monster cap so you can essentially get and use them all.

my list goes on but you get my point lets not drown the developers in selfish negativity.

No timers!

Not entirely pay to win!

Weekly events!

I LOL’D at #7

I agree entirely with all of y’all.

When I first saw Flamorider, I thought of a Chocobo and my mind exploded