Sup people!

How’s everyone doing? I haven’t posted very much but I’ve been going through and reading discussions since the beta sign ups. From what I’ve seen on this forum and the dragon island forum which I assume many of you also were registered to, I am going to look forward to chatting with y’all on and playing hunter island with you.

P.s. I will be a lot more active after football season ends this year.

Hi Disortri.

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

PS: Hunter Island is awesome. You’ll definitely love it, especially if you liked Dragon Island!


Follow the forum rules but make sure you have a good time as well

Well Hi, nice to meet you… welcome to these forums!

With any luck it will be released soon so I’ll have something to do on the long 2-4 hour rides. DIB was great. The only thing I could have asked for from that was to have some random quests post game, where I have so seek out a difficult monster to beat. Just something generic that could be generated infinitely other than the abyss.

anyone chatting more is very welcomed :smiley:

Welcome to the Hunter Island forum. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! :smiley: