Fanart :D

I thought I’d create some of my favourite monster in the game :smiley: Orbling is ridiculously adorable. [higher resolution]


Darn you have some skill dude, I’m loving it I think I found a new back ground !

Edit: would you consider taking a request for a back ground ? :slight_smile:

Aw it’s so qt :slight_smile: You’re rly talented btw

Wow Destined, is it just me or have you improved since I last saw your art? Not to say your past art wasn’t good, because it was still extremely impressive!

But wow, your shading… it’s amazing. And the picture itself is just really adorable. I’m looking forward to seeing more art, if you have time to post them! :>

Thankyou :smiley:
@Kookaset my lining has actually gotten worse *is shot* but I’ve been trying some different shading techniques since I like shiny things c:
@ohhmikey it depends. The original image (just the orb without the pointy things) is about 3000x300 in pixel size (I don’t usually display it in that size because on small scale the shading and lining is terrible) if you want to use that as a wallpaper but I doubt I’d be doing many requests because it can take more than five hours to paint (that piece did Dx). Still, it is quite fun and I might draw something else. I’ll have to see, it never looks right unless I’m lucky.
@Cloudicus thankyou :slight_smile:

Wow thats awesome great job. If you dont mind me asking how long did that take.Im just stunned wow.

Worse? I can’t imagine, it looks so perfect. And… refreshing? Not sure if that’s the right word, but yeah. ;>

What program, if you don’t mind me asking?

@Kookaset I had to reshade the orbling at one point and the bauble too (it had the wrong colours) :stuck_out_tongue: I used Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop to draw a perfect circle and shade in the flats – the same tools I used back in the ol’ Geomon days but that was when I first got my tablet so it was a little more… difficult to figure out colours back then. :3
@Mason 5 hours but it’d be less if I hadn’t screwed up with the shading twice.

Amazing haha.

Paint Tool Sai… I have that, but I’m not too good at it. A lot of very good artists used it so I tried it to see what was so good… needless to say I was hit by a wave of total confusion haha.

I believe you said you might draw something else…? What would that be, have you decided? Or is it too early to start another? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh… My… That is the most cutest drawing of an Orbling evar! It’s a good thing I have one so. I can just admire it!

@Kookaset maybe I’d do Angelon or Cryowyrm :3

@DrFalsir thankyou :smiley:





That is epic destined. How. Art. Idk. (Insert mind blown face here)

I vote angelon! I love that orbling tho.
Your art is AMAZING! You have real skills! :smiling_face:

Finished Angelon but it didn’t come out quite as well as I intended. Oh well. Dx

What do you mean didnt come out as intended, Its amazing :smiley:
Can you do omega wyrm next? It would look awesome c: that one would take awhile though

Nah, I don’t really like the design of omegawyrm, I’m afraid. It’s rather messy getting the details down and the colours are a little unco-ordinated. ^^;;

thats some good art right there nice work :slight_smile:

Hmm yeah omega is all over the place, maybe you should try hydro wyrm? Its pretty solid with colors, and its my favorite dragon ^_^, just an opinion