Monster Mash-Up Game!


Welcome to Monster Mash-Up: a true game of imagination and recognition! Test your knowledge of the Hunter Island monster collection in the Monster Mash-Up game!

In this game, one of the forum members makes an absolutely absurd mash-up of a few Hunter Island monsters and posts it here. It is then up to you to work out which monsters it is made up of before the rest of the forum. When you answer, make sure to clearly state the monsters AND the part of the image they correspond to!

Whoever answers correctly wins…I dunno…a big ol’ binary high five, and makes the next one! If you don’t wish to make the next one then pass it on to someone who does :wink:

Current Mash-Up


Vulcaraptor, Raptorex, Leviathan, Seadile, and the second evolution of the new tree thing. 

Great idea you have here. This would be fun and it inspires creativity. :>

Wow, I believe we have a winner already! *high five* You’re up!


But I’m not too good at this hybrid stuff. If I try it might look all… messy. I think I’ll sit out on this one, sorry. ^^;

Ah, well in that case, here is my challenge for you all! I also introduce the new rule that you must match each name to the corresponding limb/body part just so we know you’re not a lucky guesser :wink:

Wow, that’s really good!

awesome topic! 

Thanks man, took a while, gotta admit :wink:

Thank you very much! The inspiration came straight from jjchen with that image on the fan art thread!

Important Edit: First post has been updated to show the current Monster Mash-Up!

Put some time in to making graphics today to pretty up the opening post and also made it easier to understand! Looking forward to seeing your guesses for the current mash-up. I wonder if anyone will get it first try… :wink:

Wow, man. Your pretty talented with your hands. The logo looks professional haha.

My guess:

Body and legs: Leafwing

Arms: Flamogun

Head: Sparkape

Tail: <- the last one [c]… not sure what’s it called

Horn: Goldenhorn

Oh you’re close, better get that last name! haha

Also, thank you!

Huh, never could find all the names on FB. I still don’t know what Plasmorex looks like. 

Good luck everyone. :>

We have a winner again! It would seem you’re doing rather well Kooky, who will be next to pose their challenge?

That was a real coincidental guess, but thanks. c:

Here we go!

Oh this one looks a bit tricky! Might take some time to figure this one out properly!

Head: Vulcaraptor

Body: Flamogun

Arms: Plasmorex

Wings: <- letter B. I couldn’t find the official name for it. Am I missing something?

Yup that’s all correct, don’t worry, the name of the first few monsters posted on the Facebook page were never announced :wink: You ready to try your hand at a monstrosity?

(I think I can say this because the monster was released the monsters on facebook, asking for the names however not ever mentioning the winners)  The wings are from the creature Blazewing.

Blazewing, gotcha. Cool name. :>

I apologize, I have tried to do one mash-up but it didn’t turn up too good. Perhaps someone else can do this one, and another person (please) post a guide? Haha.