Portraits of the monsters

thats sick! awesome job!

Thanks, I also have the full images of all the monsters, so if you want to see any of them, I’ll post it.

Ahaha, that’s awesome!

I already posted a zip of the full images here ( http://www.hunterislandforum.com/index.php/topic/358-arkadions-images/ ). You are welcome to post them again if you want, but what I said in my topic still stands.

Thanks a bunch for the images!

Add them to the wiki if you have time :wink:

Yeah I did. Added all of them to the Monster List.

Awesome ! 

That wiki is growing :slight_smile:

Are we working on that wiki or another wiki?

I put them in this wiki http://hunterisland.wikia.com/wiki/Hunter_Island_Wiki

I don’t know if there is another one.

Don’t know either about another one…

Would be nice to clarify with the beta testers if there is another one or if they already have one ready they just didn’t release yet…

Atm I’m only editing that one in th previous post

I know, I hear that we have a separate wiki from that public one. But I hate to see your hard work to be put to waste.

Yep that’s for sure… Well it would be nice to have that clarified by them. 

And maybe start fusing the two ? Because I think it’s time to start getting that info out ! :smiley:

It sure is, the next time I see a wikiworker I will make sure to tell them.