X10 purchase bugged

Just spent $48…to purchase the x10 twice in this SSR Rashanar event…no Sr or SSR drop from 2 of the x10 purchases…it says guaranteed sr or ssr but got nothing twice in a row…kinda pissed.


Guaranteed Sr or SSR ( weapon or unit ) …
So it’s guaranteed Sr unit or Sr weapon or SSR unit or sSr weapon . So it’s 25% to get a SSR char, not 100% !
I’m sorry both ur packs gave other stuff.

PS: I wouldn’t spend on rashanar

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I more meant screenshots of the packs that did not contain an SR, or SSR. So a screenshot similar to this, but showing that there were no SR/SSR in the pack:

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I dint know u got omeui :grin::grin:

like this

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Ye like that. Rub it in his face more !

1 try 10x summon on the 1st day of banner rashanar. All thanks to God ~


Wow $800+ for nothing? This is why I quit the game