WHERE IS SSR? I USE 1000 DIAMOND FOR NOTHING.....it's guaranteed

Look screen Screenshot_20190816-082233

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Please try in future not to use captures, it looks like a kid is yelling. If you read the summon information properly it says that minimum one SR or SSR character/weapon is guaranteed. In your case you got 2 SR weapons. Everything is fine as it is. For a SSR character you have only 1% and for SSR weapon 4% chance. Getting those in one summon would be insanely lucky that’s why people need to spend at least 5 to 10 packs to even get a chance of getting their SSR character. This is still. Never guaranteed so in worst case you get only SR weapons

The correct phrase is: minimum 1 ssr or sr, minimum 1 character.

So I have to say, it sounds like minimum 1 ssr or sr character is guaranteed.

At least you got Bophades @Deny_Denevi

Yeah a character is guaranteed but it’s not a guaranteed SSR or SR. 3% to get a SR character and 1% for a SSR character. So basically your guaranteed character is most likely a ®are one