Let me say I love the game and everything but can you tell me why I haven’t got on ssr character And I been playing since the night the game dropped and it makes me mad when I play pvp and I see the other guys team with two ssr character and all I got are sr characters so could y’all up the rates more because this is ridiculous

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Totally, I spend around 4000 gems in the “Oumei” event and I didn’t get even a SR character, the rates are ridiculous.

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I have created around 5 accounts. On 4 I got none SSR with approximately 5000 gems on each account. The 5th who got actually finn out of these I started to play throughout all missions and somehow with this account I got my 2nd 3rd ssr in the past festivals. It’s all about luck an 1% for getting a SSR character is ridiculously low

Only 5 huh