How many times do we need to click that 10x gacha to get ssr character? I already click 4x times and doesn’t get ssr character yet… Man it’s so hard to make it 1000 soul stones. This is kinda depressing :confused:

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That’s why I gave up playing Evertale and started Neo Monster


I opened 7 10X and only got 2 SSR Character

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I’ve finished the Offline story, so i came back there to catch some rare monsters but i don’t see the bush swaying, bruh i already waiting for those bush to sway zzz. I hope someone can help me with this problems.

Evertale is NOT F2P friendly but the other game neo is !

Rares can be caught only ONCE . I swear I don’t know why and how to awaken those units .

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That’s actually insane luck


I agree with this, why can’t we upgrade those R character like High Lancer, Baltu Merc, Pike Apostle and the rest of them? Some people need to use or like to use those characters.
Is there something we can do to get those R character again? @Killerdog

Man, Ive summoned like actually 40 x10 summons and it has said chance up and stuff, ive tried the ways youtubers have said where you do like 15 one time summons then a x10 summon and i have only gotten 3 SSRs, one is a character who was a side thing, not the main special summon character and one SSR sword and one mace. I really dont like it when i get weapons cause i literally have like 1000 sr weapons. And the thing is, i got those three in like my first 5 tries, and the like next 35 tries, i havent been close at all. I gave up after tring like 3 times on the same special character summon and now im just not going to play the game. Im so sad cause i see other people be saying how they got like 5 ssr characters in one x10 summon or something…sigh…I just hate these types of games. one example, war robots. You work so hard for like this currency (forgot what its called, its for like chests) and then you go save up for the higher chance ones and all you get is like fricken the worst thing you can get 50 times in a row. Sigh… all these companies want is the money.

The chance for an SSR character is 1% so on average it will be 10x 10-summons to get one. I haven’t heard of anyone getting 5 in the same 10 summon. The game gives lots of free soul stones so by logging in and playing the content you’ll get many opportunities to do more summons and try to get an SSR. It takes time to build up a collection.

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Ok guys
I got SSR Druke on my first pull on my previous account
Lol but I lost that one

How rare is SSR Finn? I really wanna get him. Did any of you get him?
Please tell me how to :V


I have a feeling Finn is in the standard summon pool so there’s a chance every time you summon (check the pool, I might be wrong). The chance is incredibly low because the focus is on the featured SSR but you might get him someday.

The featured SSRs are way more powerful than the standard summon pool so if I were you I’d look at them and pick which ones you like, then summon while they’re featured.

i spent about 10k spirit gems and i have 6 SSR i guess i am too lucky :thinking:

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