Useless summons

I just used 2300 gems on Astrid starter pack summons(day 3).Got nothing but one SR character(zamal) and SR weapon.Why does this game cheats us so?

P.S. First I got en soldier in the beginner summon game makes us do who is most useless SR character of the 4(Buff him for God’s sake).Secondly, from the past 3 days I have been getting only gold from my elemental quests.And then I collect 2300 soul stones in 3 days by wasting my time on this game and still got nothing great!
(Not even SSR weapon)
Algorithm gods taking some vengeance or something?

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Chance of SSR character is 1% so in theory you need 10 x1000 soulstones for 1 SSR. To be honest 2300 soulstones is close to nothing while it might seem like a lot. I landed my first SSR character on my 8th or 9th 10x summon. Some people get more quicker but that means they’re just very lucky.

100×1000 soul summons to be exact.But we all know the game doesn’t work like that.Nobody gets their first SSR in 100 summons.But in my case I did not even get 2 SSR which is like the worst. And what’s the use of starter packs if you still can’t offer more chance of SSR for newbies?
In my opinion it will only encourage more gameplay cause it’s not easy for them to collect 1000 or more gems when you are playing a game for first time.Or even if you make second accounts,it still means more active participation in the game which is better.

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It’s one SSR in 4-5 packs with normal luck. SSR has 25% in 10x summon.

Do you say that as a fact?Cause I did not read it anywhere

It doesn’t say directly . But u can deduce it from the guaranteed Sr / SSR (unit/weapon)…

But don’t worry , one of my guildies has done 17 packs on water Astrid and hasn’t got her .

So far , I have been getting 1-2 SSR in like every 4-5 packs .

It’s a very confusing system for me.Just guarantee a SSR in say “within” 5 or 10 summons.According to data provided by them the SSR still is guaranteed in 100×1000 summons.I am not sure about 25% probability but that may or may not be true.Only devs can know for sure.

Also this was my more than 10th summon in 3 account.Still for only one SSR.Lighting yellow one with tail(can’t remember his name)

Oh bahuth gussa hei aap

Dm me. We will talk there I guess :sweat_smile:


It’s 1 in 100 as it’s 1% (at least was like that when the game launched), hence 10x10 summons and 10 000 soulstones.

What really should be done is separate weapons and Character summons, this would already help a fair bit. Anyway people will need the best SSR weapons to be on the top so I don’t see why they can’t do it.

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You don’t need SSRs to win in this game, all you need is above average understanding of teambuilding and strategy.

In the words of @ILAGaLOT aka The Lochi Ness Monster, “if you’re good at Neo, you’ll be good at Evertale.”

I wish you were right.But only SSR monsters can ultra volve to level 80 or above.And as a bonus,they are fun to have.

I tried 5 x10 summons…Still no SSR units

That’s pretty normal game needs a pity timer

Too bad I didn’t get Astrid in 3rd day…I tried thrice x10 and still failed

Well my 1st SSR character was 2 Norza i used around 2300 soul stone it in deed super lucky but it migh best for you to saved up soul sone 1st