Wrap up Seasons 49 and 50: A few balance suggestions.


With the Seasons 49 and 50 played I think its time for a little wrap up since PvP noticeably changed with the latest Update, the List and the anniversary. This is in no particular order:

List policy:

The purpose of the List was once to create and encourage variety. Recently it has been that the list got longer and longer while basically being a YoYo between two sets of monsters. This alone tends to be annoying but in the last two seasons we have seen the resurrection of Myst + Pusi for the simple reason that Sui + Orca were both restricted. And its not even that it came as a surprise. @NMEduck called it at the end of September right when he saw the list. So what’s the takeaway: I‘d like to have more info on the list. Sometimes the restricting seems very odd. For example Jocodragon has been everywhere in Seasons 47 and 48 and its really hard to understand why he’s not on there. Same goes for Cynthia or Arachna. I barely meet anyone with an Arachna, however Carmilla and Maeve are two of the most common myths, yet the list doesn’t know their names. @Dev_VKC could you please be a bit more transparent about you put together the list? At this point its getting more and more frustrating.

Talking about Carmilla:

You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. This thing is incredibly OP, without a doubt the strongest monster in the game. A double sweeping move, stupid heartburst, a single sweeping move, a guaranteed sleeping move, a blood move, an insane (!) defense boost, a healing move that heals her up fully when used on a freaking Rockoid and death revenge. I‘m not advocating for crippling her like we do it here in Neo with other formerly strong monsters (Magmarinus still crying in a corner) but for a slight adjustment. The healing is way too strong and low TU, the defense buff seems unreasonably high. Theres plenty of room for ardjustments.

Defense buffs

I think this is something that should be given to monsters more carefully as it creates a very unpleasant experience for players who do not have access to powerful piercing monsters. Especially on Mythics this quickly gets ridiculous. In my opinion 150 % should be the limit. Everything above is really just milking it.


I‘m very torn on this one but ultimately I think she is still a problem. I mean what sits behind a protector can unconditionally one shot everything while being protected from stun, shielded, accelerated and what it can kill will get knock back and there’s no escape because it also got focus: Maeve. It’s obnoxious. The thing is, the flutters are not really a condition that keeps it in check. Flutter blue offers nice accelerate and stun protection (which you would have to play anyway), flutter black can create a chain of APs + offers give turn and flutter green has guaranteed sleep. Tbh I am not a strong advocate for another Maeve nerf since she already got one but those who say „If you mention Carmilla, you gotta mention Maeve as well“ do have a point.


Let’s make this quick: Give him raw solo sneak attack or camo entrance and end this madness.


2018 has called and wants its meta back. After Motor terrorized the meta for a year, the community and the devs concluded that spamming the enemy team full of useless tokens for the simple reason another monster entered the game somehow isn’t how a strategy should work. At least if it wants to be good. So this whole Token thing got dialed back and Motor died. I took Josuinho to revive the poor Guy but it was short lived and Motor went back crying in a corner, suffering PTSD from getting constantly trashed by @Killerdog. Then Amnesia hit the devs and now we are here with Jackolene, Rhinoel and our new Darling Ldiefaeth (cba to spell it right, just name it Lifedeath in the first place ffs). Especially the last two are really obnoxious. Getting rid of a boxchomp means you sacrifice roughly 20 % of your team (and you get at least two of them) and Ldiefaeth gives you an absolute useless monster that cannot be removed by cannib token or anything else other than normal backstab/cannibalize. Also tokens should not be able to get stunned, not even 200 sec broken heart stun. So what to do?

Yin/Yang should be tokens
Tokens should have broken heart + (can’t be stunned above 100 sec)
Boxchomps should do less damage

Special Rules

If you do special Rules and limit the number of monsters, please dont forget to limit the cost as well. Otherwise PvP becomes the festival of distinguished mythic owners. Which causes a lot of frustration for the majority of the player base.

To finish it up: I will leave a link to An absolute ridiculous clip of Carmilla for you to enjoy


Thought you might’ve somehow got a video of my vile rage blood drain for a second :joy:



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Broken record: This rule just highlighted how one stunning entrance can win games.

Corrected it out of respect for vegetarians

i’m neither in PVE and PVP but thank you for narrating all of this in an entertaining way. i always play test team in arena since i joined but it seems this very new set is very very hard due to your mentioned monsters. no idea if i was really fall behind new monsters or they are just strong. so thank you again sir :pray:


But since my return I’ve noticed 3 monsters that were out of control, 2 of them are already named on this thread but the third one is lunactia. Kinda ridiculous one monster can create a full rocklock without a sweat, and I was surprised when first time meeting it and it doing enemy substitute 3(!!) times. This gives me flashbacks to geomotor into stun as it is so easy to set it up, and I might die from shock :joy: And lifedeath, i agree that tokens should not be stunable, and this monster is unique compared to other token monsters as it can remove stun absorber/counter without bringing in next monster, essentially making stun even easier than before without token cannibalise to save you…

Edit: Also agree with lemon, stun bad


Sendback or switch friend is another way to remove ying yangs

(Dont know how to highight a spedific area of your post) just wanted to invluded that ;p

Totaly agree with your assessment tho great on you for bring it up!:purple_heart::purple_heart:

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carmilla isn’t invincible. id argue that skeleviathon is worse than her.

she is slow. she is weak to payback killer and any excessive force/piercing monster. new players can get a monster that can kill her for 3 tickets in the shop. (aviaronix or the mini motordragon bird both have payback killer).

if she is awakened and has her ss on then she is weak to sleep killer from dragulus or dreambreaker/vigor dreambreaker.

she can also be controlled out of the game by stun/sleep or simply knocked back.

i know i was one of the first to use her awakened and I’m biased but i genuinely think carmilla is balanced. strong yes, but not too strong.

i will say that her healing 10× the amount of damage she does with blood drain is probably too much though.


They took into account the form of ultra evolution to judge it, but in the list only the final form was punished, which is clearly not the most used.

The defensive boost must be an extremely careful move when giving it to any monster.

they’re all ridiculously strong because they have a good set to go along with the defensive drive. It is no longer enough to put a monster with good defense, now they need it to be a ridiculous defense. I think they should be careful with this.


Regarding the exchange tokens, first of all I think that there should not be tokens that cannot be eliminated with the touch counters, broken heart and that are weak to debit touch.it is extremely important here
( Also rockoid should get a self death sentence called crumble in a range of 150 to 200 seconds )


My problem here is the part where it sleeps randomly, you can’t tell what bolt it will hit and we are in a game of strategy not guessing. Change this to something specific where we can think in a way to deal with it in battle (Example The white titan: We know that it gives a turn to the monster with the most seconds, we can act accordingly to take advantage of or counteract this. Do you have the idea? It doesn’t matter if the dream is changed to hit the closest monster, at least if it hits something specific we can better deal with it.


Virtually none of the stun spanners use stun pulses to set up stun lockout however stun inputs were reduced by 20 seconds. An entry shocking can automatically stun 4 enemies for 100 seconds without requiring any turns or any TU, we can also take an absorb out of play for 400 seconds automatically. Then we have the neflean stun pulse, which can only stun a target at 150 and if there’s an absorb you can’t even choose what you’re going to stun :man_shrugging:t4:. Most of the monsters that use stun pulse need it to set up something in their skill set so now half of them are dead. all time raiders Doubly they are in trouble now. some monsters are comfortable with nerfing, for example polarboos, the pulse is just a luxury for him.

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neither carmilla nor maeve are as you say. They are strong but not invincible, I agree with Eklypz. Maeve requires to have at least 2 flutters in the team, you can already rule out the idea of ​​putting another two strong legendaries, the FD are strong, but only together, if you leave it alone it can even become a dead weight. Maeve and Carmilla do not escape the penetrating attack, Carmilla dies for just a super epic in the store that is worth x3. Maeve dies quickly without her flutters, otherwise she’s a monster that would take 2 attacks as if she had MT. Maeve after nerf is not as prevalent in PvP. Once again I dare to say that people ask for Nerf for a monster that represents a problem for itself, that is selfish. I have never and will never nerf any monster that plays against me, I just try to deal with all the problems quietly. Cheers


re: rocklock. make a monster with roaring entrance and instant backbite.

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Even I advocate it’s probably time for rocklock to be nerfed or seriously countered.

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U guys won’t believe this but I’m agreed with @EMI_Eklypz lol

Garantee we get given roaring entrance and raw instant backbite :joy:

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My Guy I scored 60k points this season. A region where you were nowhere to be seen. Please don’t come at me with this „wants to nerf it for selfish reasons“ thing.

I even advocated for a careful consideration of Maeve. Saying that I’m torn between she’s too strong and she’s fine.

Also to claim that piercing counters Carmilla really does not make sense. Name a monster that doesn’t get countered by high damage piercing. I’m all ears.


carmillas defense passive is no different to tardigrenades tough skin. its just opposite.

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Soral when it has a baby on the field.

I will now call you big ears :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Reasonable requests. I like this. Boxchomps are really annoying but also to get rid of them, you have to kill your units? What was once a nerf to motordragon is an extremely powerful move for the rhino version. I’m talking about adding two tokens one being guaranteed next in line while the other is added randomly. I think this should be look at too.

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WHAT? did they finally make it so time freeze stop those passives from working?