I cannot put into words how stupid this move is. Pick a monster and it dies.

This has no strategy or skill to pull off whatsoever.

It epitomises the power creep and takes P2W to a different level.

I don’t understand why it exists without any conditions at all. Let’s have double Heartburst and Heartburst all too shall we? :man_facepalming:t2:


The move is powerful but is weak to DR

I have Carmilla so boooo this thread


Imagine a skill which is essentially the same, but you can’t choose the target. Now imagine a monster with three copies of that skill, each one with a different restriction


Lmfao. That’s different. Higher TU and the non targeting is key. AND there’s a restriction. Arbor can stay :wink:


I know, that was my point. Why stray from perfection?

It’s balanced by the high TU and the single use limit. I think the move itself is fine, but it has to be put into movesets sensibly. For example, Lucifelle needs a second kill for double bloodthirst, is slow and doesn’t have a brilliant way to get that second kill. Carmilla is a different story because it has a lower TU version and just one kill needed for the blood move. I don’t think it’s actually the bit which needs nerfing on Carmilla, but I hope you get the point that it’s the moveset as a whole rather than this one move being a problem.

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Single use limit is kinda expected.

I still think it’s way too strong.

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LMAO, Welcome back :smile:

I agree,a random target makes sense

I hate all these designs with ridiculous defense, maebe poseidon carmilla and botan, they could be strong with their original designs without this power

I think Carmilla’s blood drain is wayyyy overtuned too when we have things like Valzareign’s double poison drain that struggles to put him at 100% even from more than half hp and even when he hits TWO poisoned targets. She can kill a bloody rockoid and heal to 100%, so she literally gains HP from nothing. Insanity.


I think I see where this is going


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I think Botan is fine as she is. At least she’s more situational.


I say replace with Deathstroke

Yes, without a doubt, it is the most normal of those that I mentioned, I am in favor of returning their spd to Maebe and Poceidon, and removing their increased defense, they throw away is fine, although a brand immunity or protection would be better to my liking, it is as if They will design waifus and say “I can’t think of any other passive”
don’t worry brother put defense buff on it

Hey what are you doing wasting your energy on a small matter when there’s still stun entrances??? :joy: