Wonder Trading

Alright, So this has been coming up a lot lately and instead of putting it in the suggestions thread, I decided to make it it’s own thread for sake of easier add and Subtract

So Wonder Trading:

Basically what you do is, you put in an Arkadion of your choosing and you get a completely random Arkadion in return.

Ex. Shadowlance for a Breezeling, Nightmare for a Rexy and so on

Now some things that a few others added (OXambi and Dragoness, Jem)

So to make trading interesting, you have two options:

  1. Throw in a random to get a random 

  2. Toss in an arkadion of a specific stars and get something equal to that amount.

and to toss in some restrictions, you make it so that its costs gold to use and as you use it more and more, the cost to do the trading doubles

So it starts off at 10 gold, then 20, etc.

This will appease those who want trading and give the game a new twist.

I fully support this, though I don’t support use of gold. Let’s not make it even more pay to play than it already is… I do, however, agree with a silver cost instead (perhaps a rather large one). 

I wouldn’t use this feature, mostly because I would want a very specific arkadion and not something else.

But if I did, it’s pretty good. I +1 the 6* for 6* and 1* for 1* thing.

++I agree with Ashley.

I think this is a pretty cool concept although I agree that it shouldn’t be based on gold as there would be a point where getting a Gold Egg could be more beneficial. Silver has very few uses in comparison to gold and so I think it should be used for such an addition.

Okay one, if you do this, Do make it so that say you put in a nine star monster you get a nine star back. Wonder trade is on pkmn, and can easily be used by some people to take easy rares from unsuspecting people, even though its pretty obvious people may try to rip others off lol

well, the point is to toss in whatever you want and not have to worry about getting something specific back

How can you get ripped off if you don’t know what you’re going to get?

EDIT: I mean, if theres something you don’t want to lose and toss in, you DON’T toss it in because it is RANDOM.

Silver would be ok.  People can farm for silver.  But it may also need some limiting factor to prevent abuse so that people do not flood the random pool with Gustbats and Plasmos or something.  

You wouldn’t want somebody tapping out the pool of stuff “hunting” for that really nice rare and only throwing in junk.  I proposed a timer idea so you got one per day or something but others didn’t agree with that so much.  It just needs some restrictions to prevent abuse.

What you can do is put a timer for a specific star level. For example, if you put in a 2 star monster, have a timer for 2 star monsters. But you can put in a higher or lower star monster right away. And when you do, a timer goes for that star level as well. (If we’re not doing same star for same star). 

I feel like making it star specific would make this a lot more complex than this needs to be

I know everyone’s worried about getting jipped but it solves itself.

If you want to trade, you can but if you do trade, don’t expect to get what you want.

It’s not like it intentionally messes with people and takes their Arkadion and gives you a garbage one all the time

Its random.

That’s the point

That’s a good point. I just feel, the same way I think Jemnidad does, that people will constantly throw low stars in and hope to get a lucky high star one. But then again, if everyone does that, then all they will get is low star ones as well. And if someone is willing to put some high star ones in, then other people can get those as well. Which means you may get a high star one for a high star one anyway.

Honestly, I would like to see the good in people and hope that some would put in higher stars just because they can.  

I’m not sure how it is in Pokemon X and Y but I doubt that many would be foolish enough to just to dump in garbage because I imagine its more midrange that garbage 

I personally would go out of my way and get high star arkadions in there just because.

I see what you guys are saying but I do feel that people are not that selfish.  

most of the arkadions spawn reasonably enough that it should be good to supply most of the network.

Well, if you abide by the rule of not using any duplicates - using only one of each monster in your team - then you’re probably more likely to put high star ones in the system. Because those extra high star ones you have won’t have other uses. 

I would certainly throw high star ones in. 

High stars are not all that matter here either. take the dragon hatchlings or the starters for example low stars but great potental. some monsters may also have to be excluded from this. ie fusions, probably orblings to keep people from geting the kamiwyrm outside of pvp,

i like the idea though would give me a reason to cetch s ranked duplacates i found while trying to get that little iron booger…

Who would ever give away a Kamiwyrm, anyway? You can only get one, so you would be giving away your only one.

People who don’t like kamiwyrm and prefer 500 breezelings


but the offer is tempting

(sort of jk on that too)

Seriousness: Ashley has a point, but I’m sure someone will figure out a way. e.g. trade for orblings.

You don’t get what you want, it’s all random. So they couldn’t say “I’ll trade this monster for that monster”. They could only say “I’ll trade this monster and hope to get something that’s good for me…”. 

Im talking about people throwing in a bad monster and geting an orbling or a kamiwyrm for that matter and the monsters that should be excluded from the random list you can get from it.

What’s wrong with that? That’s part of the gamble. 

Well, there’s a possibility that they get the orblings, that’s sort of what I meant. A chance is a chance, no matter how low, and miracles happen. Haha

And well, that won’t happen if you add the star restrictions. 12* for 12*. 7* for 7*. Not 7* for 12* or 3* for 8*.

there are a number of monsters you could farm to get the 5 1/2 you would need. I think also level and grade should also be a factor. I’m not complaining and i would love this if implamented I’m just thinking a number of people would abuse it.

Making it so that the monster has to be maxed would be a decent controll keeping people from getting masive amounts of firesoldiers and trying to trade for dragons.