Trading update thoughts

You know this is a game that has a good amount of pay to win so I was just wondering if a trading system was added you know like so that it can help non pay to win players as well I would love to know you guys thoughts on it as it will help get rid some of the useless monsters we have or a repeat that other ppl can have
And also there should be a free place where ppl can give monster for free so other player can have it it will also help getting some ingredients as well

It will never happen.Case closed


Still a good idea

But I still want to know what will happen if it makes in the game

bad for the game.This isnt pokemon

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Just for research

this game depends on gems and its the only source of income and when trading is added itll just destroy the income of it.


No I know that this game depends on monster

Like other ppl thoughts like they would hate it or love it and why

I know get what your sayin fam. It would be great to implement a trading system. It could be like a new event. Once a year and limit the amount of monsters traded. Like 3 max. However do to their greedy nature in these type of games, I don’t see this happening. It was a great thought though.

I agree with you for a limited event many games goes down bcz of ptw but this game is doing quite well

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This idea has been thrown out there countless times. It will never happen. Hate to be the “bad guy” but it’s just a completely useless topic and discussion that has been exhausted in the past so I will close it.