Will lusolas complete the tower?

7 more floors to go!

I just want to see his team it must be good
If any one has faced him please tell us what strategy he used
He made it wow

Woohoo you go Lusolas!

Great effort, must be a great team and an amazing strategist.

he has made 300 floors… He must be lvl 100 and used couple gems to get their lol

It’s impressive, but he probably spent a ton of gems for nothing but bragging rights, I’d like to know exactly how much

And I wonder when the enemy stats stop increasing, and what kinda % increase they get too, probably insane

It got insane around the 180 mark but it was still beatable I would have a hard battle only just win against over buffed monsters then the next one would be easy as the monsters weren’t as buffed
He would have needed to spend over 20 gems to get where he is at the speed he went at he did 200 floors in a day and a half. And that’s if he don’t ever lose or spend gems on anything else
Impressive yes but kinda just for bragging rights as there was no real reason to go that high as the prizes where no longer worth it for what you put in
All in all he or she is a impressive player as that would have taken a lot of skill to get there

Congrats to Lusolas, I would like to see the team they used to get there.

Funny if he was a admin

Lusolas is at Hero Rank 100 yes. I don’t think they are an admin.

Wasent he at the top of the last one

Yeah, I think he was leading the last one as well.