Showdown tower

Does anybody remember the enemy lineup for the 2nd Floor master? Or any videos guys?

Hello. Still waiting for the some tix. Do you think it is hard?

No it was easy,beat him and 4floor master with only 5 of my monsters!!!
Too easy guys,don’t worry :wink:

F2P Arash

Its the first Floor master, :slight_smile:, what im refferring is the 2nd one, the one with the poison team, but thanks anyways, im done with the first floor master before i post this thread, thumbs up monte13

Very easy Floor bur good idea about inhs

4th floor master

I remember the last floor master in the previous tower event was super OP (for my team at that time, at least). Is it easier now?

Same thing bro

The 4 talosquire fl was the death of me. :frowning:

6th floor master

Lol i lost that battle i remembered!

Great job eska, now ill b able to counterito :smiling_imp:

well i guess solblaze is now an epic?


I lost to the 6Th floor master,the poison was real.

Same here, though I still suspect them of rigging the system to make certain events harder (sleep not landing at all, for example). Guess we have to take the long way.

I used soulstealer to do it. Also had jawshank cannibalize vulcaroth right when I needed him too.

Used normal sleep lock on him (stormloch and shadowhunter), didnt have any problems. I dont remember the poison bothering me, guess i got lucky and had perfect timing

Just a reminder: u get a free gem if u talk to the hotgirl.

I really hate deo, quick charge is really annoying, i think they should nerf his speed or the make his SS 50 secs before activation

Or a total rework, along with Penguinator. Those two are not logical monsters, they exist mainly to troll players.