Why we need less nerf threads

Edited title for clarity.

This may be controversial, but I think we have to stop nerf threads.

The fact is, everyone complains about the power creep or different in power level between Mythics and legends.

Mythics are so vital to the business model that when we ask for a load of nerfs, the mythics get scratched (if that) and the legends get nerfed much harder. The result is that the gap gets wider.

Obviously we’d rather things be balanced straight out of the box, but that doesn’t always happen, as we’ve seen with both myths and legs. Goldtail got nerfed and Gremoris with 100% sleep now stands in its place.

Our best legends are our best chance of keeping the power levels close and giving the users a chance to compete. I say keep the legends as they are. Vote for buffs.

Edit: there are exceptions to this. There’s a difference between going after one legend and several. Most legend nerf threads should stop.


I agree with this thread nova is the only thing that help’s me fight against mythic spam

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This will most likely cause Mythics getting buffed by an even more significant amount, in order for them to maintain their status.

As I said in another thread, nerf is just (buff)⁻¹. Nerfing and buffing are basically the same thing, with the difference that nerfs give people the Big Sad™ even if their nerfed monster clearly deserved it.

There are some monsters that are nigh unsalvageable and need a massive buff (e.g. Bazilogon, Dragaia, The Godfeather, Lunalord), and some are OP (Gorgodrake, Novadrake, Moku, Cynthia, NOT LEMON).
The difference is that OP monsters are always in the spotlight, while basically nobody cares about weak monsters.

Not if we don’t ask for Myth buffs. I mean vote for legend buffs

You could be right here, but the difference is that nerfing myths is out of the question, because no one will spend if they think they’ll get nerfs. So if we agree on this point, buff the legends to close the gap, rather than nerf myths which is clearly against the business model.

People are less likely to get upset that they spent out on Lemon, than if Warca got a buff lol

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I agree with this 100%. The problem is, the community didn’t even ask for certain Legendary nerfs (Goldtail most of all), but we still got them. I do really think that, no matter the community feedback on the question, Mythics will get buffed if Legendaries become a little too strong, on average.

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I can’t see Myths being buffed too much, except maybe the old school like XYZ, Drax and co but they don’t really need it.

It’s true we got some nerfs we didn’t want, but overall I think we need to stop encouraging the devs to tear down our legends.


Ok… I do respect your opinion guys but this thread is a bit sad.

Here is not about buff or nerf, is about maintaining a fair gap between the parts.

Everytime a strategy goes into meta need to be reviewed if not nerfed.
Is about maintaining the game healthy and promoving changes of team every pvp or every 2 pvp.

I understand you want to safeguard your own collection of legendaries but the game is moving towards mythics so legendaries will be soon what Super Epics were before Mythics come in.

Stop talking of balance like something due, if you want to compete and remain competitive you need new monsters.

Is fair to nerf OP old strategies to open doors to new strategies.


Make LINK Stealth All 50sec again!! It really wouldn’t make the difference :full_moon_with_face:


Actually I have a rather large collection of myths. I just wrote the post for what I felt would be best for the community. Don’t ask for nerfs and widen the gap further than it needs to be.

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Yes!! Also I think it only has one passive

Buff orca back to 50tu moves and instant true hit.

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Na, that’s the exception :yum:

oke don’t nerf every legendary monster except novadrake

Well you can be sure that everytime a legendary will make the difference will be nerfed.
They are not suppose to make the difference anymore.

That’s a ridiculous statement. You’re basically saying they’re redundant and they deserve to be ineffective?

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They are not anymore the center of the project.
I am saying that legendaries should be more a second fire.

You do realize that this game will be completely dead when legendaries stop making a difference right?

The main goal of buffing weaker monsters (this includes both mythics and legendaries that are underpowered) is to keep the meta healthy while angering fewer players. Whenever monsters get nerfed, players inevitably get upset and some of them leave the game.

Nerfs will still have to happen in situations when there is one monster that is clearly op like bastia or padrinorca. Archetypes like sleep that are getting out of control can be weakened by buffing older monsters to balance the meta. Like lemon said earlier, a lot fewer people will be mad if monsters they don’t use get buffed as opposed to monsters they own being nerfed.

One of the main reasons neo has lasted this long is because the devs prioritize game balance over gradually weakening monsters that aren’t locked behind a paywall.

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If you believe that, you are welcome.

Neo is a business, and is alive only because there is spenders around.

Hands that legendaries will gradually get weaker and weaker and there is nothing you can do guys.

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I’ll rephrase that last part.

If the devs nerf too many mythics, they will lose their spenders and the game dies. That said, the game will also die if they lose their f2p playerbase by weakening legendaries to the point where it’s not even a contest of skill but rather the amount of money one is willing to spend on the game that determines the outcome of each fight.

This is why buffs instead of nerfs are the best way to balance the meta while maintaining a healthy playerbase.