Why is is so hard to progress

Ive been playing a few weeks now, and am struggling to get an omegamid for evolving my legendaries. The difficulty of the task is rediculous and the the is no way to get gems often to be able to train my monsters more to stand a chance. So what did i do? I spent a few hundred dollars to try and have a little success but nope … No success This game is ripping me off and making task so difficult that people feel the need to pay to do better when realisticly it does nothing to help. Its all a gambleand i want something done about it as i paid for the game and so did others , its not fair to me or them …

I agree. The game shouldn’t have a price tag on it if they have micro transactions. Look at Hearthstone. A few hundred £/€/$ will get you most cards. The same amount on this game may or may not get you a handful of decent monsters. A lot of them will be duplicates.

Shure i agree, but look at this developers previous titles , hunter island and dragon island blue. The way the worked hunter island was great. Shure you could buy eggs if you wanted. But if you wanted good monsters all you had to do was look on fourms and then grind… A guananteed way to get decent monsters… Eventually which is fine… And then they had events which could also help get better monsters and the best thing is you didnt have to pay to do these events and you were still rewarded. Neo mobsters is the exact opposite in every aspect and i hate it. Love the game alot but hate the practices of other money making developers. Its not right. There is no fun in the game with a practice like this

You do have to get lucky with the egg rolls but if you have spent a bit (>$100) you should have had enough chances to get a few legendaries at the very least… even without spending any money, the inherent gems in the game give you a chance to get plenty of super/epics. Agree that the ticket / key system is a bit slow but if you are grinding, over a few weeks you should be able to complete the game and the challenges with a bit of strategy

Omegamid event is coming soon. Scrap the challenge from the developers.

It is suppose to be hard to evolve that’s the point.

Kinda reminds me of classic drug dealer scenario where you get really cheap first hits, but then once your addicted, it’s going to cost you to fund your experience. You want a better experience? Then you can purchase more pure product. You want the high right now? Yes we can sell you even that!

Even though it’s an innocent application, the business model is peculiarly like the former example. That’s my Hangup with games accentuating IAPs too much. I would like to see the total revenue reports from DIB, HI, and now Neo Monsters. It could be revealing as to which approach was more successful.

is the omegamid event easier thane challenge from developers? Koz im trying to ultra evolve my omegawyrm and ive got everything for it even the crystalmouth ( 42% chance to capture ) and i got it :slight_smile: i just need an omegamid

yeah, im shure theyre successful but is that really whats important why cant there be a profit and a fair system that isnt bent set on take as much money as possible.

yeah i agree for shure, but theres a diffrence between being hard to evolve and not having to pay alot. And being hard and paying an arm and a leg to get abit of luck…

Omegamid event is much easier than the challenge from the developers. I believe it costs 50 tickets per run though and you only get one each time like the pyramid ingredient mission.


Yeah ive spent around 150 but only got 1 legendary which was cyberwyrm but that was all i got. I transfered my omegawyrm so i have 2 legendaries but even with them its hard to do well although i did get the developers challenge down to the last few enimies with barely any hp but still i couldnt do it consistantly.

I’ve spent $40, haven’t even gotten a super epic yet sigh

bummer dude