2 quick questions about Moalith and Omegamids.

1.In the Moalith special event, it talks about getting multiple moaliths to evolve certain monsters. It says pay attention to the news to see when they are available. I beat all 4 and received a Moalith, but how do I get more? Does it only give you 1 everytime they open the event?

  1. Can I only get Omegamids from special events every few weeks? I have been playing a couple of weeks and I am stuck on my legendary evolves because they all need an omegamid. When the event opens, can I get multiple Omegamids or does it give me only 1? Also is there any other way to get them?

Its 1 moalith per event that opens.

You can get omegamids from a bunch of events (unlike moalith that got his own event). Its the most commom legendary ing, check out every event reward lists to see if its there and on what level. You can also get it in every SCB that comes out every week (a lilbit harder then power up event tho)

Thanks! What event currently can I get omegamids from? I have ran hours and hours of ultra-evolving quests. I did all 4 of them several hours each and I have yet to see a single omegamid.

Super challenge battle - extreme level 2. Its a very hard battle for begginers tho, you will have to wait for something easier (at ultimate challlenge you get 1 before level 200 i think which is doable for begginers, and at power up event you get 1 too which is a special ing event, the easiest wait to get it).

It does say there is an event opening tomorrow and it has an Omegamid on the banner. Other than that I don’t see any other even that has it. Unless you can get it in the valley of pyramids?

Ok so the even tomorrow I only get 1 huh? Bummer lol. I have like 6 legendary monsters ready to evolve.

It not featured in event, just another reward. Go to island challenge for example and see reward list by every level. You can see what you will get and when. Most event got it and featured various rewards, from de aging fruits and silver up to omegamids

And yea haha you will have to be patience

I was actually just able to beat the Super Challenge lvl 2 and it only gave me an aquamid. The next 2 rewards are 1 gem each. No omegamid. Lol it doesn’t seem as common as you might think. I have been playing every challenge for 2 weeks and haven’t got one. I am almost able to get one in the Island Challenge so that will help.

You got at SCB a rookie level, a master level, and an extreme level.
Each 1 of those got level 1 and level 2 (difficulties).
The extreme level 2 (the third battle, the 2nd time you beat it), will get you a omegamid. You will get it.after the gem reward in level 1.

SCB is 6 challenges in increasing difficulty. 1.1 is a gem, 1.2 is an element pyramid, 2.1 and 2.2 is each a gem, 3.1 is a gem and 3.2 is an omegamid or a cryptamid that rotates every other 10 days.

You can get omegamid in Umtimate Challene level 120, Island Challenge 156, 20 wins in PvP tournaments, 100(+/-) finns in whales treasure, or monthly in the Super Power Up rare ingredients.

Ok cool thanks guys.

The other guys covered the places, you’ll get lots of Omegamids from the limited-time content and every 16 days you’ve got that special ingredients mission where you pick which rare ingredient you earn (I recommend Omegamid or Vorabook because the others you can get from farming the pyramid mission or the hardest mouth mission).

You can also get a few Omegamids from an achievement (completing offline story) and from the extra stories (first ones and others) in the online story section. However, the latter of those you’ll need a few evolved legendaries first before you can create a strong enough team to complete them.

The main thing I wanted to say (after reading your posts) is that this game takes a lot of time over an extended period. You can’t expect to have a super strong team of evolved legendaries in your first month of playing. You’ll need a few months collecting ingredients and gathering legendaries (the gems take time if you’re a free player) before you can start to complete the tougher content and have less resource problems. The 16-day cycle on the rare ingredients mission is a great guideline for your patience. Worst case scenario is that you can’t get the ingredients you need from anywhere then you’ve got one coming every 16 days guaranteed. The only ingredient this isn’t the case for is the Ocarino, which is especially rare / tough to get and unlocks secret skills on legendaries.

i think there might be one from story reward as well. but that might be a diff ingredient.

No there is one as a reward.

You know I don’t mind being patient, I think it adds to the sense of accomplishment when I finally do add some legendaries. I do think it is a little unbalanced for a player like me. I don’t mind spending some money on gems so I used the sale to stock up on some. I was able to purchase some 10 packs so I have about 6 legendaries waiting to evolve. The problem is several of them require a cryptamid, omegamid, vorabook, and moalith. I believe 1 of them needs every single 1 of those. In close to 3 weeks of playing now almost nonstop, I have 1 omega mid, 1 cryptamid (from over 100 valley runs), and 2 vorabooks, and 1 moalith. I was able to evolve 1 legendary and I admit it felt great.

But I constantly have 100 training points with nothing to spend it on. Not much point in having a ton of monsters ready to evolve and then it takes a month just to get the materials for 1 evolve. This doesn’t even take into account the same materials are needed for a secret skill once they are evolved, and that ingredient is usually that really rare material that I haven’t even seen yet.

Lol I just wish there was something I could grind while waiting for the legend materials. The story missions have little to no rewards, the Super Challenge Battle at extreme lvl 1. is unplayable for me. So no way for me to get the cryptamd or omegamid from that.

It just seems like everything moves along pretty quickly until you are eventually funneled into the long wait for the legend materials. I just wish it was A LITTLE sooner for events, and I wish you could get a little more than 1 material at a time before the event completely closes. I had been seeing that power up event for a couple of weeks now getting all excited thinking I was going to finally power up my guys. I mean it’s not like I didn’t spend a ton of time grinding for silver, fruits, and materials. Then I find out I get to choose only 1 ingredient, and I need every single one of them lol.

Either way I love the game and I’m having a blast with it. I know when I finally do build a legit squad I know I will have earned it.

That’s awesome man. Good for you for all those legends that soon. Not a bad problem to have!

This game has several stall points. If you didnt pay for gems you wouldnt have had any legends for at least a month, probably longer. And then you would have stalled on all the events at low levels and had a hard time with the main story.

But now you have a ton of legends and no material so different stall point!

Just wait a few weeks and you’ll have them! Gear is super useful for ultimate challenge, esp next to your sleeper

I am having my doubts this new guy is Kd in disguise or maybe even zard or lochi.

But my suspicions aside, from the PoV of anew player wont it be effective if until a specific hero rank, or even forever, these missions that give Omegamids or Moaliths or other ingredients be available 24/7 but restrict them to once aagain day. In this way newbies can easily get the ingredients without wait. And the older players will have a new way to farm Exp.

BTW man, congrats on your legends. I am so jealous right now…

KD in disguise lol no if I was going to spend money I’d do it on my own account!

@Jobear The “problem” you’ve run into is that it’s possible to purchase legendaries but not ingredients. I’m a hardcore gamer myself and will regularly pour tens of hours into a game I love in just one week but this game doesn’t quite cater to that. Some events require grinding, others not so much… you have to play when it suits you and there’s stuff on offer to spend your time on. The tickets and a few other regular things are enough day-to-day, you’ll get used to it. Bi-weekly missions are a fun thing to sit down and play for an hour or two, I save them for when I’m craving some Neo Monsters gaming and I’ve completed everything else.

We’ve seen other players come here on the forum who’ve started recently and bought some legendaries. They all say the same things “it’s too slow getting the ingredients”, “there should be a way to farm them all”, “this is unfair because I have the legendaries already and I spent money for them, I should be allowed to evolve them all” and various other things. However, a couple of months later their complaints stop completely because they’ve evolved enough they can get far in the events. I’m glad you enjoy being patient and feeling great achievement when you get there, so hold off any complaints which may feel legitimate now because you probably won’t think that way in a couple of months.

Sweet! Loving the game. So close to evolving a 2nd legendary. For the power up event I chose the Vorabook (Since someone mentioned they were the rarest) even though I needed an omega mid. Now this showdown event has an ocarino and a vorabook but I need an ocarino, a crown, and an omega mid lol. But it’s all good, I will get them in time.

I think you’re exactly right though, I’m just at a stuck point until I can do harder content, and being the game is so addicting I just want more to play! it will def. be worth it when I get there.

Thanks! I’m super excited to get the evolved!