Why is HI so cruel...

So, I went back to dragon island and did the free offers. I got three gold eggs. And out of those eggs. …


And then with renewed happiness, I went back to HI.
Got a gold egg. And.

Got. A. Gustbat.

Yeah in dib i liked eggs more because they monsters you didnt have. And i got 7? I think hatchlings with all in game gold and and eggs and quite a few rares (at the beggining) and hi the best ive ever got out of spending like 15-20$ i got a A stormfox

Yeah, but I guess it makes it a lot easier to get good monsters

True, if they did that in hi since they have PvP it would ruin system, because since dib was single player you didn’t have to compete for om prizes or PvP so your strong monsters werent as good if you get what im saying, but in hi if they gave away S blueys and galeys in eggs easily the VERY unlucky (like me) would be PO by the people who have S rank egg only
Im not saying i would complain because i understand its the luck of the draw but others may not be as understanding and rage quit (im not saying they should but they will and i disagree with them and im just warning because some people are whiners because the game is NOT about eggs) and it would be a bad move and make it a pay to play game and the people who catch alot will garuntee get gold, the extremely rares if they dont have them e.x. Bluey or snorkling or egg only arks

HI is cruel? Why are YOU so cruel? Pfft. Picking on Gustbat. It has feelings too. YOU ALL HAVE NO SHAME!

…naw, JK.

Sorry to hear that…but at least you got some goodies on DIB~

well I got excited when I started playing this game and I found an S seaquill and taught it was valuable hahahaha

Exactly be glad about getting lucky at all instead of complaining about not getting as lucky in one game, well your not really complaining i was being harsh sorry, i just dont know a better word

Sorry .~.

Awww yeah lol I had exactly the same feeling! Also remember getting excited over S bladeshark and my very first S clubby. Not that Bouldon is bad, just that there is not enough space for me to keep him anymore ;(

I felt so lamé lol , i was so happy

No need to be sorry, you didnt do anything wrong

Sorry :frowning:

Why sorry? Lol you didnt do anything

Haha I know, i just couldn’t resist