Need Help


can i have some help which monster is good and which isnt ?

is there any wiki for this game i dont found it :frowning:

In DIB i fould everything in the internet but no chance for HI…

and i HATE lvl the wrong monsters cause i dont have so much time  -.-

help pls pls pls ! :smiley:

That is for you to find out :smiley:

There will be a wiki soon, it is being worked on.

As for which is better, the higher the stars, the better they tend to be.

There are a few good ones found early in the game that you should keep an eye out for:






your starter ^^

I’m forgetting some, I know. If I think of any I’ll post later.

* = Recommended to keep until high level team as well.

I can’t find Pearex :frowning:

I know there’s a reference to it as the white feathery arkadion, near the very start, but I had no luck searching…

I won a raptorex in a gold egg, which was nice (but I wanted that starter!!!), so I have one but not its baby form.

EDIT: also early in the game, get the Bluecub (for the next few days), and if you played DIB, get the penguini. Both are excellent when fully evolved, and not bad before then

moved to a more accurate part of the forum, though I can see why you chose the team part.

I have a question how do you get Don Peinguini?
Cause there’s susposed to be a benefit in the game for DIB players.

thx for the first :slight_smile:

i think this game is much harder then DIB its realy hard at the beginning and i dont understand something…

like  stars x 2,5  or  stars x 4   whats that ?

and if i found an monster with D  it still D till the end or is there a chance to get them to S or A ?

i like this game ^^   the artwork of DIB i like more but this world is bigger and more monsters to catch and i love it ^^


is this like in DIB ? that i can get some monsters (hatchlings) only from eegs ?

cause this was the only thing i hate in DIB… i was to dump to press on the right time   -.-

Theres ways to raise grade, but in most cases its better to just search for a better grade in the wild.

And theres some monsters that is egg exclusive, yes. But you dont need them the same way you needed hatchlings in DIB :slight_smile:

Yeah, raising grade will be so limited that you will want to reserve that for your very best/favorite monster that you just couldn’t find a better grade for. 

The stars x 2.5 stuff is just the rarity.  That’s a shorthand way of showing 2 stars and a half.  Which is a VERY common monster.  Evolutions will raise their star rarity, and usually the more stars the better.  But some 2 or 3 star monsters are quite useful. 

Darn… i hate it…
this was what i hate so much on DIB i realy want 100% collection but if you to dump to press on the right moment, its IMPOSSIBLE to get 100%
and this i realy hate on such games…
now iam sad -.-

but still thx for your answers

Tutmuar, please do not use in appropriate language, thank you.

I’m also curious on how to get penguini.  I have DIB, but no mention of it unless it’s later in the game.

It’s a secret you have to figure out.

Stars don’t represent rarity at all.

There is a few arkadions with two stars… and it has an EXTREMELY low spawn rate. And when I say extremely, I mean it. I’ve grinded for one of these low spawn rate arkadions… many hours a day, for a week. I finally got one, and it was D.

HOWEVER, don’t make the same mistake I did. Grade DOES NOT MATTER in early game. Just catch what you can, guys, even if it’s grade E. This does not affect its stats at all. It only affects bonus actions, which isn’t very important in early game.

PvP is another story though… but you should save grinding for S grades later, when you get the hang of the game and have some free time and/or is stuck on a story line quest.

As for the gold egg thing, no. Eventually all arkadions you see in the golden egg will be released as either an event arkadion or a PvP reward arkadion, or at least that’s what I have been told. And besides, you get 1k+ worth of FREE gold during your game. That’s a lot of gold - it’s not P2P at all (uh, after you purchase the game, I mean…)

Pearex - I’m not going to spoil everything for you, but it’s found ONLY in a particular spot in the forest east of Orlen. Good luck finding out which spot. ^^ 

iam sry…

but this is not fair

What isn’t fair?

I don’t understand what you mean by “Not fair”?

Do you mean the monster grading?

i think its the not saying where pearex is

Well, I could tell you, but then it would take the challenge away.