Gold Egg suggestion

Is there anyway you guys can do what you did with DIB and make the Gold Eggs give monsters I don’t already have? I’ve bought a couple with gold and they’ve all given me monsters I’ve already had. I think maybe 3/15 that I’ve gotten have given me a monster I didn’t already own. I’ve stopped using actually money because it’s just a waste to use when I get monsters I’ve already got and just feed them anyways. So just wondering

I support that idea but They want to earn money so

Well, I think more money will be made if they listen to their customers. Which they are.

If a lot of people (and I mean a LOT - they’re focusing on the majority; they won’t change something so drastic if it were only two or three people wanting it) wants this I’m sure they’ll find a way to implement it.

I think the reason why they have this in DIB but not in HI is that HI has PvP and DIB doesn’t, so it might cause stability issues…

Yeah okay it would be good to see that and more ppl would buy eggs because theyre sure to get something They dont have

Spikes I believe had a wonderful idea for eggs but again, there’s always running the risk of freemium, which the Devs don’t want

I’m just annoyed when I buy a gold egg and get a low level monster I could easily go catch in less than 2 minutes. Not even something difficult it’s upsetting to waste four dollars on a 2 star common monster

Well, some people go out to gamble and they lose more money than they earn. Gold eggs is sort of like gambling, in my opinion.

Though yes, I do agree they shouldn’t put things like a galebat in a gold egg. When I get one I’m just severely disappointed lol

Hence one reason why people started egg timing. Egg timing idea didn’t originate from consumers, but producers’ flaw in design which they’re now trying to rectify. If the egg spinning system was better developed then a situation wouldn’t exist where one day a person such as you who got a sleazy C rank bitefish become dissapointed and then come up with a brilliant idea that perhaps this egg spinning thing can be figured out. 

LEt’s not bring up egg timing anymore. New players don’t know anything about it & there are enough haters…

I might also say Admin himself requested it not to be mentioned, but I’m afraid I slipped a few times as well.

But I suppose it’s not too late to follow his request, so let’s go ahead and do that.