Which monster do you want to see Buffed 🥳

Yeah, after XYZ buff it is extremely useful to not get swept at the start of the match.

That’s always been the one use of Aethereon… tanky stun protection that doesn’t get swept like stun counters. Since it became the norm to give stun counters full defence and we got the likes of Sturgeonidas there’s been basically no reason to run Aethereon. XYZ’s buff to get piercing has changed things a bit, but avoiding getting countered by a single monster isn’t really enough to do something like change the tier list position. It’s just a team building consideration to make

Yes also back to my point , change cost is more simple then literally change ss. Good ss with cost +2 or +3. “bad” ss only cost +1.

back to tortogeist the ss is not really need to open, 400sec bomb ss its kinda unique and basically rarely player expect it to open. If u ask about ss change there is alot monster that really need change instead tortogeist. So IMO they not really need get buffed as long they good in PVP or PvE.

Yes, I know there are plenty more that should be changed… It just came to my mind when I was planning how to use Ocarinos and Torto went straight to my “never going to unlock” -list. It’s just sad that some SS don’t even seem to be worth considering.

Hmm maybe I’m wrong and Torto actually has the best “Secret Skill” because you never expect it to be unlocked :rofl:

i mean to be fair anyone will try and avoid killing it for aslong as possible or wait until you can kill it with something worthless or that you can easily handle before it gets a turn

so more often than not you will avoid it. so that SS can honest to god come in handy as nobody who hassent eprienced it gonna remember this tortise having a megabomb

Torto ss is same as Iridescezarc ss, both megabombs on protect monsters. Does not make too much sense since they will usually die before that time. The only possible scenario for it is when it gets repulsed and then it won’t block attacks. But that is a rare one.

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Im aware its rare

But it happends

And both of them has nasty revenge effects so if your capable of avoiding killing them most players would just avoid them like a plauge

Yep, that’s another example of a SS that will be hard to activate. However it’s a lot better than Tort’s so more worth unlocking, definitely not the same in that sense.

See the problem @Dev_VKC ? Good. U should change name the ss from Aegis dragon to → Swift Aegis barrier.
If not ? just reduce Cooldown Aegis barrier from Nightingale so it Will become similiar like Aegis dragon .
If not, give special treatment to Nightingale’s “Aegis barrier” maybe 2x Shield+purify ? because the cooldown is three times longer than the original.

And then Ankara got 1tu Aegis Barrier just recently.

Its “instant” Aegis barrier ,And I don’t mind he have that skill. IMO they should change name ss from Aegisdragon to “Swift” Aegis barrier so it Will make sense.

If not? just make Aegis barrier from Nightingale have same tu like Aegisdragon.

the problem here its Nightingale and Aegis dragon exactly have “same skill” and “same name” but the tu its different and the different its very big Its 3 Times faster.

Diffrence is that nightingale can use ut 5 times and aegies only ones yeah?

Then suikenshi should get 85 sec knockback, and onixia should get 42 sec knockback random, Isodele 42 sec overconvident strike. Bcoz they can only used once.

Fair enough :joy:


Alright your being absurd im out

Nah ,I am just being right and make sense, thx for give me that idea ,I am only asked one monster get buffed . And now because this isue, potentialy I get 4-5 monster to get buffed.

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After the Nyx buff it would be nice to have the old Katt and do something with Onixia and Sui ss.

Rabeat could get stealth entrance or shield entrance instead of poison gambit its such a random passive only gives him a weakness he doesnt need or just remove it. Devious atack 160tu also
Jaguardiam haze 100tu
Onyxia and suikenchi SS need a buff also

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Ophidiator Serpent Ore+ (100% boost) and Union Sniper (Focus+Excessive Force) and give him normal attacks instead of piercing.
I actually prefer the 2nd form with Slayerbane and Union attack @Dev_VKC and it’s weird that he has the same boost as a 5 star monster.

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slayerbane i can understand,but union attack?
(wait nevermind didnt read union sniper.)
(you should call it “Reptilian Assassin”.)

Akane needs some love. Throw All just doesn’t cut it these days for an awakened mythic.