Which monster do you want to see Buffed 🥳

@Dev_VKC Goldtail should get back its 50TU Potent Sleep.
I think that this was an unwarranted, unexpected and unnecessary nerf and even people who didn’t own it disagreed with this.
In Pvp there are enough sleep counter and poison mons, besides its extremely slow and frail so it gets easily killed. I don’t thunk it was ever a problem in PvP.
After the nerf, its worse than every other PvE oriented sleep mon. Shadowhunter, Shiny Shadowhunter and especially Wraithcaptain are far better.
In PvP as well there are tons of better mons, especially the Mythics like Sakura, Grem and Lemon.
I think PvE veterans can explain better.
@Killerdog @Unown @LemonSqueezy @Exu @SHIKAOTOKO What are your opinions on this suggestion?(Sorry for tagging so many of you)

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I personally think the answer is somewhere in the middle between your suggestion and its current state in terms of the TU

Potent sleep being 50TU was always ridiculous. Why should it be higher chance and lower TU than the standard sleep move? The move was basically balanced for the one monster who had it: Goldtail. Goldtail had minimum speed, defence and no other moves that did anything all to make it somewhat balanced and it was still considered one of the best PvE monsters in the early days. How does that sound healthy at all?

80TU makes complete sense for the move. It’s just that the rest of Goldtail’s moveset needs a buff. They had a go at buffing the moveset when they changed the TU, but it’s not got enough going on with it to make the monster worthwhile over the other sleepers.

So I’d say a hard no to changing the TU of potent sleep, but it would be nice to have the rest of Goldtail’s moveset improved.


I don’t own Goldtail because the nerf pushed me away from getting it, but I have a few thoughts about it:

-Potent sleep was extremely powerful before the TU increase. In PvE it was the top strategy and in PvP it could effortlessly take control of a match if Goldtail got a turn. Granted, nowadays there are more measures to counter sleep lock and sleep has been nerfed too, so it wouldn’t be as powerful.

-The reason why the TU increase happened was the release of Lemon. She has 68 TU Solo potent sleep. So if potent sleep TU was lowered to 50, solo potent would be even lower, which is way too powerful. Besides, it never made sense that normal sleep is 70 tu and potent sleep 50 TU.

So my verdict on Goldtail is that the TU of potent sleep is fine and logical. By boosting Goldtail to +9, you can get it to 85 TU which is pretty good. However, it definitely should be buffed to be more appealing. I suggest a slight speed increase and/or changing ultrathunder all to something like Defang or Union Slash (since Goldtail has high attack).

I think goldtail should get its old potent sleep back because it would be funny

When writing that last post I completely forgot the TU is actually 100, not 80.

In that case I support a TU decrease… down to 80. Solo potent sleep (Lemon) can be 70TU. I think I said this exact thing back when the TU increase happened, which is why I remembered the actual in-game number incorrectly.

The rest of the moveset could maybe be buffed a little bit too. For example, ultrathunder being changed into something that is good for times when none of the enemies can be put to sleep (e.g. they’re poisoned).

I think 80TU potent sleep, while also having a sleep immune killer to prevent complete uselessness. It sounds fair


can we already riot for a stellaurum buff

Hopefully vixian girl gets buff

vixian? absolutely.

Buff kuraokami. He is very weak.


Sorry , I know this is kinda silly. But I want fyrielle get buff. Reason?

  1. Her second form have similiar skill like her final form.
  2. All her attack skill is very high Tu ,we already have similiar monster like this(cypridus) and have more faster skill and speed.
  3. Her ss is cool (devolve) but Its hard to predict skillset for “initial” monster. Take example doomgo already have spear of despair in first form.

So I am sugest they change sacrifice heal to Bloodfury or bloodthirst (130sec) so she Will become sweeper (but not very fast) and it also synergy with her rockoid morph. Reduce her cooldown or make her speed like cypridus also good choice

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Completely agree with this

Me too

Don’t any one think excaliburdragon is outdated??
Even legendaries like polaboss,Shiva dg, leogist are far better in every aspect. Plzz buff him.

Change unmovable to unmovable carapace.
Ageis ritual to 1 tu move.
@Killerdog @Dev_VKC


yeah this is true, i totally support this

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I’ve used mine (2nd form) a bunch in Whale’s Treasure. It’s really strong if you build around it and it does its thing. Basically crescendo dance then give turn does most of what you need. It gets 4x crescendo charges from this so the piercing damage gets good and not long after it one-shots. If you can give turn twice after two dances then you’re really in business. I think basically Excaliburdragon is very close to competitively playable. People haven’t tried it much at all, as far as I’m aware. For PvE it’s very strong and PvP it’s close to being strong so I think it sits at a very nice power level.

That said, Aegis Ritual is a move that the developers have been very hesitant to make too strong. Back when Excaliburdragon came out, killing dead weight to create a legendary was deemed very powerful. Especially because Aegisdragon is excellent support for Excalibur. Crescendo slash behind a protector is deadly. However, since then we’ve had many more powerful counters to protectors that it doesn’t stand out quite so much.
So I’d say make this move be “100s from start of battle” rather than first turn and remove the solo restriction. Then it can come in and at high speed remove a dead weight teammate. That would make it more competitive in PvP.


Except black house I have not seen anyone using this mons in pvp in my entire career. Now even he don’t use ig. This mons doesn’t have any good survivality as compared to other cresendo strike legs and myths. Look at nyx, Pola,Leo,Shiva dg etc.
If it’s that good why no one use it and he is literally in D/E tier. To say cresendo dance charge 4 times and use gt mons. Bruh this is unreal and not easy to pull. Need sometime to charge and has no immunity so opponent will kill it before it charges.Showing love to all old mons and why it’s unfair to him. He even can’t do anything in his first turn unlike other broken mons.

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Some monsters have to be down there, otherwise a tier list is pointless because it doesn’t differentiate between them. It takes effort to make work in PvP and isn’t anything crazy, so it’s naturally on the lower end.

People tend to not play crescendo in PvP as much as they should. I was happy to see Polaboss get popular at a time in the past but it mostly disappeared again and I barely ever see the others (especially Blitzdyr). I’ve been using Nyx recently and honestly crescendo moves are crazy. It doesn’t take long before the damage is very good. So I think they’re mostly underrated rather than actually bad, with Excalibur being one of the especially underrated ones. Excalibur is better than Blitz, Shiva and Leogeist in my opinion.


so does that mean you’re gonna tier up excalibur in pvp?