Which monster do you want to see Buffed 🥳

E.Dragons just got buffed today and i was testing then for fun , when i saw wich i think its a error from devs
Every E.D special move has piercing and 70tu unless the shadow one wich is 100tu
Im tired of stealth and shadow monsters get punished every time
@Dev_VKC is that normal or a error?

Yeah, poor Carmilla and Soral :pensive:

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Give Galvbishamon the Pure Cure+, because Crimseias has it, so why not it? Also, give it Void Guardian Execute with 3 uses instead of PK, so it can counter things Twig can’t. Also Timestrike all would be quite fitting.

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Low speed
Weak defend.
Useless skill.
Just cool and useless

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May be not girls.
Been forgotten :sob:

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Like @INA-Archer said in another thread what would speak against a buff for xyz times up >>> into>>> piercing times up ( or perhaps raw piercing times up )

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As long as they slow down, that’s fine with me.

come on fellows,
I am sure we can show some love to
the lass is still at the bottom of barrel with low enterance speed ensuring 3 of her moves being completely useless.
and what kind of ss is getting 4 box jaw at the end?(4 in a row) its kinda useless for its moveset tbh. she ain’t even finisher who could actually create good fodder for throw team.

Throw next

how well is she working with those mons?

They gave her a huge buff a little while back. She’s very strong now she has double overconfident strike (at only 130TU!) and you can easily get a shield on entrance!

I agree the secret skill is useless most of the time, but she doesn’t need it.

Link Sneak Attack all damage is way too low
I’m talking about Zhulong
Arachnodrake makes up for it with piercing

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Awaken arachno then

Already have it :confused:


Funnily enough, I was talking to someone about that the other day and they said they’d take a look …

I do agree it was in right direction however she rarely gets to use the move. the speed makes it always impossible to land the move even once, people often lower her hp which always derails the dmg,
not to mention if by chance opponent is running bronzeshell lock her enterance backfires, also in terms of usage she rarely can use any of the 4 moves and her ss is completely not helpful unless you run pershipha or shiny croc.(which usually can maintain their streak of rocks on their own as well)

^than why such an ss is given?:unamused:
its not even related to her playstyle.
I do think some changes can be made for her to be viable in the game which could lead her becoming good in some game format. right now it’s still very hard to use her and even with multiple support the result is always subpar in most of game content.

Another change for Kuraokami :
Change “sendback” to new skill “Frostbite”.
Frostbite : Immediately kills teammate, heal the user hp and summon Yuki in their place. Can only use this skill 100 sec after the monster 1st turn. Cannot use this skill if already have Yuki on battlefield.

Reason : Since We can’t use Snow after We have 3 Yukis then most of time We use Sendback, but if there’s monster with Gravity Field then this monster can only use Snowslide with little damage (if SS off).

Keep the SS on, problem solved.

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