What is the worst mythic and how do we buff them?

Which mythic do you think is the worst overall (both PVE and PVE) and what is one suggestion to improve it? For me I’d say Lime and I’d give her double flame eater.


I think Majorie. I don’t have her and don’t know best way to fix but I’m always glad to face her

I wouldn’t mind her getting the link sleep single move that the ss water bear has instead of sleep roulette +

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Give majorie sleep curse instead of sleep roulette

Good suggestions so far, I love this thread idea.

Lime is the worst I think, but for the sake of being different and to name mythics that never get played and never get talked about for being bad, I’d say Mechydra (ok I talk about him often but still) and Uraniumedhus are both super outclassed by legendaries.

Starting to feel a little futile offering suggestions on how to fix things, I won’t lie


Regarding Lime, she had a few(!) fatal flaws:

  • Her Mutual Unwelcome Entrance passive directly conflicts with her Unwanted Equality skill.
  • Her Unwelcomed Reinforcement skill directly conflicts with her Unwanted Equality skill.
  • Her double counter slash is a whopping 170sec.

At the very least change Unwanted Equality to be “This skill can only be used if you have at least 1 MORE Bronzeshell or Supershell on the battlefield than your opponent.”


Keets coming out of a 4 month hiatus to roast Lime! Nice! :joy:


But he’s right actually I tried to use lime in second form in my alt acc but it just doesn’t make any sense lol i wanted to use with motordragon but when u read Unwanted Equality my face was like ->🤡


Let’s buff her but let’s not give @ToNdEuSEnCaRtOn more things to give you 15 tokens and shells and then wipe your team with Momo inifinite loop of repulses and lifeflips

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Used tons of majorie this pvp. What I can say is; if you have the upperhand while majorie is on the field it’s gg. You can pretty much remove every threat coming. If not then she’s the tankiest bronzeshell that exists. Therefore I’d have to say lime is the worst :woman_mage:


Yall act like Mai doesn’t exist :skull::coffin:

You’ve never seen me use Mai effectively have you. Shes far from the worst.


Surrounding her with other actual good mythic doesn’t count.

Deus X - bad Mythic.

never gets used. barely gets remembered. just needs to be a bit quicker.

Vixian and mistletorment.
Vixian because even devs arent giving her love by ignoring her banner in the cycle. And her moves are attrocius.
Only saving grace is her 4th move, but it is very hard to setup.
Mistletorment because this guy is overshadowed by a 4 star-5 star mons.
It def needs buff considering its mostly is a support mons.

Lime , apollo, majorie , runedragon , mai

Yeah Vixian is bad too, currently the most disappointing anniversary monster, she is not up there with the others

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I think that honor belongs to Mojinator instead. But she’s a close 2nd (I know we talking mythics here but overall this is much worse).

How has Unicera not been mentioned?

My picks for the worst are:
Majorie, Unicera, Mai (going from worst to least worst)

Squinty’s use of Mai is excellent, but very specific.

Vixian is actually not too bad, just requires very heavy rock summoning in a team and she’s clearly outclassed by Na’turgoul. Lime is a weird one but since its buff (changing the TU a bit) I’ve seen it do some things. The control it offers you is somewhat helpful and it doesn’t become dead weight like Majorie and Unicera absolutely do.

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Unicera is also bad. She becomes dead weight so easily. Easy fix is Power Slash → Bloodthirst