How on Earth does everyone have so many SSR characters?!? I have 0, and I keep getting… ZERO!

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Just keep getting soul stones. I just stock it from 0 to 1000. But I think, it is much better if you will keep your soul stones until u reach 2000 for 2 10x summon. 100% u can get SSR Characters and SSR Weapons. Possibly u can get 2 SSR Chars and SSR Weapons. Like mine I got a chance to get SSR Orzachron with only 1000. 10x summon.

The cold fact is that not everyone is so lucky. On my first account it took 8 or 10 X 1000 soulstones to get even one SSR character.

So this is just a subjective experience. At the end of the day it’s s 1% chance to get a SSR character, that means statistically 1 in 100 summons.

Stop being such a crybaby @Redd_Daby

It took me months to get my first SSR. Hone your teambuilding skills and strategies and life gets so much easier when you roll an SSR