Where are you old farts?

Hello Everybody,

Been a while since I’ve been in the forum. I see it’s not as active as before. I suppose many old players have quit already. Perhaps, waiting for Monster Island (I’m waiting as well). Hopefully it doesn’t take too long.

I started playing PvP online on HI again and I’ve to say that it has been pretty boring for me. I can find matches pretty easily at any time of the day. That’s not a problem. The problem is that there is no challenge whatsoever. I guess Ryan combined all the leagues. I often just leave if I see that my opponent is weak. PvP is only fun to me when there is a challenge.

Any active players that would like to test their line up against mine?

Feel free to add me and send me an invite: !–eddster–!

im still here. (as of today) but seeing as my data is on my ipad and i got an ipod now i cant transfer the data. but all i gotta do is reset my ipod to get it back which is easier said then done cuz im still contemplating if i wanna risk losing my phtos and music uz i have so much of it that i cant back it up just i case my ipads back up wast recent enought.

I can hardly ever find matches. And when I do, it’s not fun.

Meh, I’m still waiting on Monster Island. I’m sure it’ll be great :smiley:

Sup guys… good to see you two around.

Tiberius… I can find matches anytime of the day. I always get matched up against someone in the first try. I think if you hardly find matches then it might be your internet connection.

Out of 10 matches though… only 2 or 3 turns out to be good.

Pfft. Good internet = impossible dream.

Ahahaha. Yeah I’ll get it checked out later. And yeah, good to see ya. I’m mostly gonna wait for Monster Island. Just thought to PvP to test out my Hydrablazer is all.

I really want to get a Cruiserfish though T.T

how do people get hydrablazer and cruiserfish? eggs??
how do people get hydrablazer and cruiserfish? eggs??

I only play occasionally.  I have no problem getting matches but feel like a bully when I come up against the newer players.  I terrorized some poor person when my first play was the destructor which got two bonus actions.  They lineup started with 9 dragons which were gone before they got a turn.  I occasionally find a strong opponent but the matches still seem to be decided more often by bonus actions instead of strategy.  I have been mostly playing World of Warriors (which is supposed to have PvP added to it early this year), while I wait for Monster Island.

Hey eddster, been a while! I don’t PvP anymore sadly, I guess i’m just too noob (can’t be bothered) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, glad to see you back! I don’t really play HI anymore, since, I’m a single player sorta guy, and I already finished the story. But, I’m still around. Sorta. D:

I hope you find someone to PvP with. :0

yeah, they released a lot of the unreleased OM monsters via new eggs, but ya can’t time. So either a lot of leftover gold from said action, lots of money, or lots of luck.

…but Cruiserfish is impossible. I do wonder if they fixed its Holy Guard Glitch though. I remember playing Ashley’s (and one other iirc) once upon a time in private matches. That thing was evil. “Survive forever and then deal a ton of damage”

Unfortunately I can’t ever find matches, even when my internet connection couldn’t be more reliable.