Impossible pvp matchups!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who is ONLY getting matched against players with S and A ranked super powerful Arcadians and fusions. I don’t even stand a chance! And even my S ranked arkardians don’t get bonus actions but my opponent does!
The only time I “win” is if the player disconnects!
I’m just really sick of the constant butt whooping. How am I supposed to win prizes when I keep being demoted back to rookie rank (where only 4 diamonds is the prize)
I hope that there will be an eventual fix to at least make the matches more evenly matched. It’s no fun to just sit and watch my entire team get slaughtered.

working on this! cheaters are getting removed in the next update. sorry about this. 

I’m hoping there will be a ranking system, so those super powerful players only get matched against those who are super powerful.

They’re cheaters. They’ll be banned.

I wouldn’t worry about them, mate. Most of them are useless anyway, I managed to beat 2 last night. They’ll be gone soon!

Generally if you face them enough, you pick up how they play and you can quite easily plan strategies around these jerks.

I’ll post a strategy in a bit for you guys with the ones that you could have available if you put the time and effort in to get all the pieces

Sounds like he doesn’t want to put time into it though, he just want’s everyone to have bad ark’s so that he can receive easy diamonds.

Well i still remember omegawyrm typhonwyrm magmawyrm infernowyrm angelon bloodclaw stegospike subzeratops barricadus dreadwolf tremorback Astroleon ALL ranked S pawn me, a lot of time T.T

I think I won this person you mentioned using my Kentucky team. Honestly if we just fight these players (real or cheaters) using the “best” star ranked arks then you stand no chance and half the time you will be praying about having luck with extra actions.

about half of my team is 7 stars and below. I focus on controlling the end game and I do get decent win-loss ratio of about 7-3

I am not using brute strenght againts him, heck i never was, i used my stun team wisely but when he get double action on infernowyrm or omegawyrm or arkwing or stegospike to perma stun, that is instant wipe out

yep and when you get to battle two times in a row the same one overpowered team of arks… that’s bad… anyway they won’t last long with the next update :slight_smile:

Yeah I found a few cheaters as well, I even got demoted because of them. :expressionless:

I’m curious though, how will you guys know who is a cheater? It doesn’t show you who you are fighting so we can’t report either.

Also I just got a C rank Infernowyrm from a golden egg, is it used for a fusion or is it a fusion monster? Or none of the above?

i am currently in expert league, and some people have some…suspicious…arkadions

I believe everyone who hacks is recorded somewhere. 

Infernowyrm doesn’t evolve. It’s easy to spot who’s been cheating anyway, as they’ve all got S rank monsters including Kamiwrym that’s not even possible to get due to the game only being out a week. It’s absolutely pathetic that people need to cheat in a IOS game.

I haven’t seen a Kamiwyrm yet but I fought someone with a complete set of S ranks. They were all the top monsters, too.

I think a report button would come in handy.

It would, I agree. But y’all are doing a mighty fine job of reporting it on the forums. :>

I had to fight someone with a vegitiger last evolution I think it was. And infernowyrm. Like how do u get that

^Those are very possible to get. I have them both. Get em through eggs.

Hey guys what’s up, I just started so do you have any tips for me