New update can't come soon enough...

So stupid. I’m on an insane winning streak, and then I get cheated 3 times in a row. So lame. Get off the PVP cheaters you know you’re getting banned so stop ruining it for everyone.

I don’t think I’ve run into a cheater yet.

…and if I did, I didn’t notice. I’ve mostly been beaten by Penguini users. Coughcoughthat’sadvicecoughcough

I’ve only lost to powerful monsters 3 or 4 times.

Point is - it’s possible to beat em. Just work towards a better strategy. n.n

Well I do use the stun showdown…and I still get cheated because their monsters decide not to die to showdown…

Most 9.5s die from showdown, iirc.

I havent got cheated yet neither ,

After long last, i can easily kill those cheater, might wanna try me in pvp? So we can share strategy

^If you can beat the cheaters, you must have a pretty strong lineup. I’d enjoy a battle. ID?

Id: Teukumuhammadkhaled, not a very strong line up, just a pretty strategical one, happy to duel, add me on gc

Umm…yeah…wanna add me instead? xD


Creative, I know.

Get a chopper bug in your line up to shake up your opponent line up.with chopper bug opponents don penguini and starters are useless.

So I’m having some trouble playing in pvp because it’s always ‘searching for an opponent’ but if anyone would like to add me on Game Center to play I would be happy to duel. ID is immortalmelody

they changed it if you are happy, if you disconnect you automatically win, yes!!

Ok will add you

Not totally useless. Don Penguini has a nice passive ability. Besides, it can use Retreat. Dread wolf and Tremorback are also nice without last stand…pretty sure that yet can use retreat too.

Lol. Really? It wasn’t that case for me yesterday.

I’ll add you later. School soon.

Accepted. I’ll send you an invite sometime later. Busy ATM.

If you disconnect yourself in  the battle, you will be automatically lost!!! I win one guy in this case~~