Broken Public PVP (league matches) please add me so I can PVP you!

gamecenter name is: Cunturkey

My random match PVP doesn’t work anymore so PLEASE add for private PVP!! I usually play just short of masters.

Have a good deal of OM monsters and a few Egg exclusives but am not a timer or anything so I don’t have anything amazing (mine spider, or stego… ugh I hate them).

Anyway please add for lots of friendly matches (I play alot :))

Also if anyone can suggest a fix (or support center area) for this PVP bug that’d be great…

-Cunturkey / Doggrex

P.S. please don’t report the name for language. Cunt is a rural town in Turkey. Look it up!

Hey I had a bit of connection problem… I will invite you later :slight_smile:

Yea I don’t know if it was you. Servers… you know how they are. We should play again though. Whats with that low star bird ark you use (can’t remember name)? Why not a stronger support ark like chopperbug or Gremknight?



I don’t know if this only worked for me or might work for others, but pvping in a private friend match enabled me to PVP in the leagues again. I strongly recommend those with similar problems try this tip!!!


If this turns out to be a fix that works for others this post should definteley be pinged and possible moved to “bugs”

Breezehwak, I’m just testing. It has haste, reinforce and another move lower enemy’s stats!
I have another team formation with stronger arks.
Next time I’ll use them
But unfortunately I don’t have ShadowStalker and Mossgolem :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops with that first move lol

Wow, your team is impressive! :slight_smile:
You killed my minespider><
Did you get the diamond?

Missing Shadowstalker is a crying shame. I have 4 Typhoon wyrms out of complete luck on 5 dollars on OM gold eggs. I wish I could pvp them lol. They are all S rank

Wait, can you get typhoon straight away from mission eggs? @@

Seems like there’s a connection problem… I couldn’t connect to you :frowning:

And btw, please, no scramble… It’s on my title— you don’t scramble me as I will not scramble you either :slight_smile:

OK deal :slight_smile: sorry I didn’t know you were anti scramble. Hard boiled from now on only. one last match and then bed!

Good night :slight_smile: