where are those recipes?

i finally have all 4 starters and all 4 dragons. i have fully evolved my starters, and i would like to know where to find the recipes for the soltusk/glazion combo, and the brakitorius/thunderback combo along with the typhonwyrm, the magmawyrm, and the omegawyrm. please help me…

p.s, my dragons are only in their 3rd evolution phase, so i still have a little time before i need the recipe for the dragons

The soltusk/glazio recipe should be rewarded after the Leviathan quest. If my memory serves me correctly, that’s in a desert town. But I’m not sure at all, so someone should confirm this.

Typhonwyrm, Magmawyrm, and Omegawyrm are sidequests found in Reijin.

The brakitorus/thunderback combo? Er… not sure about that one.

Good luck. :>

thank you

The starter fusions are gotten through the random dude in random ruins studyingt he hieroglyphs.
A.k.a (finish the sidequests on all the towns)