Lol so back again and this time for the Omegawyrm is a catchable one or recipie and if it is a recipe where can i find the monsters to make it
Ps thanks to every1 who help me :slight_smile:

Omegawyrm is a recipe.

You get his recipe in Reijin (side quest).

The two ingredients are two fusions (typhonwyrm + magmawyrm = omegawyrm) so you essentially need all hatchlings for this recipe.

The recipe for typhonwyrm and magmawyrm will be available in Reijin as well.


What side quest and how? Right now I’m in the tower and I haven’t gotten magnawyrm, typhonwyrm, omegawyrm, or barricadus…

All those recipes are accessible in Reijin. You probably have to complete a few prerequisite quests first or whatever…

Idk, try beating Deucalion first.

This is correct. Beat Deucalion first and you will get the quest to defeat the dragons in Reijin.