Recipes or Eggs - What to buy?

Hi Guys
I have now finished the Story and 1900 Gold left. First i thougt it would be a good investment to buy the typhonwyrm or magmawyrm recipe. So i bought 550 Gold to make sure i have enough. Nowihave 2500 Gold, so i could buy the recipe and one egg. But im not sure if i can find these recipes without buying? If yes, should i buy eggs only or do i need the the Gold for sth else? Does anyone have one of these wyrms? Are they worth it?

Don’t buy the recipes, they are all aquired through quests. None of them need to be bought.

Ok thanks, and where can i find These reciepes?

There are gotten through side quests.

Wyrm recipes are gotten through Reijin quests, all with Angelon’s recipe.

Just do all the side quests.

Don’t buy both, might want to try on egg occasionally but i revommend saving those gold to capture s ranked hard to capture ark like S rank skull rex