All recipes

Can someone list all the recipes, so that newcomers or people who are starting the game over can stack up on the arkadians needed for the recipes? Thanks guys

the monsters you will definately need to get for later recipies are


The starters are in recipes? Their first form or evolved form?

Final evolved forms.

I’m already working on a list of all recipes and how to get each one, it’ll be posted this week.

^ I was working on one too, so if you need help, Infer, I will be willing to.

Are the recipe evos of the starters worth it? I happen to like the starters. And need to know if should spend time catching two of each instead of just one

Yes they are. Every fusion is worth it!

^ um, actually…

If you’re looking for PvP, you don’t need to catch two of each starter. All obtained arkadions will be recorded, regardless if you fuse them or not. So if you make dreadwolf, in PvP, you still have dreadwolf, soltusk, and glazio. But in single player, it’s necessary to catch two if you still want your glazio/soltusk after the fusion.