Does anyone know the name of the arkodions in the tremor-back dread-wolf and plasma-rex recipes their book number and where I can find them?

I remember I got it quite late and close to Reijin. Try to do some side quest there to get the recipes

They’re secret battles you have to find on the map.

Dreadwolf is at the far edge of the Snow country, closest to crescent island

Dreadwolf and Tremorback are both fusions of the final forms of the starters and Plasmorex is Skullrex and Plasmo (or plasmodious i Forget)

It is plasmodious

i dont have the recipe for the sword fish whatever the name is ive done all quests even done all challanges and cant find that recipe i serched on the web and it says its on the edge on the island as a trigger battle but i still couldnt get it

Dread wolf- Glazio, Fire starter ark last evolution
Tremor back- Brakitosaurous (probably not spelled right), and Thunderback
Marspin is on the peninsula where you find Rexys, ran into the guy by accident. Beat him and he will give you the recipe.