When will you fix PvP levels?

Hey guys :3 I am a big fan of PvP and the competitive aspects of any game I play. That is why I can not, for the life of me, understand why you don’t have people compete with their actual monsters, but instead boost (for casual players) them or nerf (for competitive players) them.

I am one who want players to compete in a more layered and genuine way - If you don’t want to level up, you will have a harder time winning. I mean, the game is very casual friendly as it is with level 99 being extremely easy to reach with just a day of grinding.

I am not  a fan of the whole ‘giving out the best end-game gear at startup’, so please, make either a “real” league and a “casual” league. You just remove the incentive to level up past last evolution for us competitive players -_-;

I like the idea of PvP being fair in this way. Even though I have a full team of level 99s (well, almost. Added some new ones), having to wait for people to level to 99 would mean far fewer PvP fights out there and far more waiting around doing nothing. 

PvP should be about skill using monsters, not about how much time you spent leveling. And also not about luck (what we REALLY need to fix is the bonus action issue in PvP).

There is still incentive to level up: missions and the infinite dungeon. And especially missions, for people who don’t care about the infinite dungeon (I happen to). Yes, the last one was easy, but don’t expect that in the future. 

Time spent should always have an impact. That’s why I suggested the implementation of two different leagues, casual and competitive. The strategical setup and skill use will always be the most deciding factor, but, it’s only ONE. I want a much more layered and complex system where, like I said, it’s not the whole “end game stuff handed out for free at the start” which it, unfortunately, kinda is at the moment :confused:

The player base is huge right now so there would not be any problems finding players :wink: But I guess I’m just a bit to gung-ho when it comes to PvP; this is, after all, an SP monster hunting game in it’s core.

I like the idea as well but then the pvp will be kinda slow cause not much ppl arks are lvl 99 if a person wants to be competitive. Only reason ppl will grind for lvl 99 is for tiamot, dungeon, and necrodrake lol

The PvP system is already being handle .

Time does have an impact, in that you become better at playing as you play longer. And also in that you have better monsters as you play longer. 

But other than that, I don’t really think it should play a role.