Why can't PvP be fair?

So I have mostly 4 star monsters and 2 monsters which are 5 star.

Usually i get paired with people who have mostly 5 star and one or two 6 star monsters and I am still able to defeat them as have made a good lineup.

However I get so frustrated when I see myself keeping paired with people who have back to back 6 star monsters

Can the game’s matchmaking process can’t be made a bit logical and we get to fight people of our level with similar level of monster as ours?

Also if we need to test our lineup our only option is to test against buffed up monsters, can’t we not have a choice to test against slower level team?

You have definitely posted about this before and I have also definitely answered this question to you already and at great length, so I’m not sure why you are making another new thread to complain about PvP when your questions gave already been answered and you have been given sufficient advice to move forward. You just started playing you should not expect to be doing well at PvP in a game that determines your success not only by your skill but by the amount of time you have put into it.


FIFY but yeah I agree


Lol hey now

It takes time or money to be competetive in pvp but I have to say after you get some good monsters the game is really fun.

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Back in severalyears ago before pvp implemented and improved by now, you will end in somewhat boredom of grinding.
Need 6 month of play to build such a viable team in pvp.

That year were my fronline were assisted thunder include DD, twinkiller, godfeather and zephyr.
And money involved too :slight_smile:

What is DD?

Desperate double