PVP league

is there a PVP league below Master?  I am 0-10, my best PVP ark is Arkwing at 9.5 stars, with Gaiwyrm and Ventowyrm.  I keep getting matched up against people with all OM completed monsters and am lucky to kill their 3 starters before I am wiped out.

is there any point to keeping going only getting 250 diamonds per battle if neo-monsters is coming along?  I’m guessing most of the people that are active in PVP will go to that instead and the online PVP in HI will die out.

They merged all the leagues in to one the last I remember

sorry about that Ashley, I thought I was in PVP and didn’t realize I was in the wrong sub-forum.

it is disappointing to hear there is only 1 league.  I attempt to connect to an opponent about 10x a night between 7-10 pm EST, usually about 3-4 nights a week around work, and am lucky to connect twice on high speed digital cable internet (Comcast xfinity). many nights I am unable to connect at all.  I have given up trying to complete kamiwrym, but even to get the 50 battles in that I will need for the next reward ark at 12,500 seems doubtful at this point.

beyond kami, it seems like the rest of the reward monsters so far are pretty weak.  if all I am going to do is give free wins to the people I run into, is there any point to me or any other relatively new players doing the PVP?  or am I just wasting my time trying?  sorry for the complaint, but it is very frustrating to have it put in front of me repeatedly that not only will I never win, but I will never even be competitive.

It’s all good :slight_smile:

The leagues were merged because of the low amount of players taking part. Multiple leagues further divides the players up and makes it hard to find a match.

I’m sure it won’t be that way in the new game, though.