When is the update coming!

Is there a confirmed date for the upcoming update… Sigh all i have left to do in this game is just get the online arks each week… Pvp lacks incentive and i already have enough gold to not warrant doing the infinite dungeon

Early January , be patient

December 2089

Once Apple approves it.

What will the new update have? New arks? More storyline?

If you notice no apps are updating. Apple is on holidays so be patient. As we all have to be. New monsters get added all the time anyway with OM.

This update will include bug fixes, removal of hackers, game balance changes, and general improvements. Content updates should begin after this update is shipped.

I heard something that they brought this update with a world map event ?

It was a post of speculation a while back jean. Don’t go getting people’s hopes up. =P

No I an admin confirmed this , dont remember which one tough…

Woooooohh 1000th post

Can’t wait for the update!

Maybe some reward for sticking it out through the hackers and the egg-timer exploiters?


That would be great and if this update only has bug fixes imma be super dissapointed

Yeah lets just hope some form of content is added

Yeah because what else can we do? Pvp? I cant pvp so that leaves online mission and infinite dungeon! Boring…

Yes i do hope so to. Im bored of pvp and ive done every quest and caught every possible arkadion in the wild. Any other good games i need something to amuse myself

Apple has started pushing out updates again, hopefully we will see this one soon.

Yay! Apples are now sentient! /lamejokeover 

Well its nice that it could be coming anyday now.


Apple: *Looks at update* Approved! *misclicks and hits denied*

            …Oh well, 4,719 others to do! *hums*

HunterIsland Team: …Welp, who wants to break the news? 


                …Yeah I thought so too.

I dont hope Thats the case:p

Will there be new arks

Probably Not in this update

Definitely in the next one