Update Features

I know the update is being pended by apple, but I was just wondering what new changes the update is going to feature? Looking through some of these posts, I keep seeing it mentioned, but no one has articulated what will be changed or added. I just started playing within the last 3 weeks, so I may be a little late, but could someone please fill me in on what the update will include?

We Will see when its out!

Quote from FaceBook post:

“Just to be clear, we have an update ready, which should be live early Jan, which fixes a lot of the bugs, takes care of PvP security, and puts a cap on enemy double actions.”

Apparently one of the Devs said that there could be a few missions with it.

I hope so

Hacker ban!

Yeah hacker ban is indeed Nice then finally we can pvp normal again

Who are the hackers and what did they do?

Because I don’t think it’s appropriate to tell (and because I actually don’t know), I’m not going to name anyone.

But they basically abused PvP and caused balance issues among the PvPers by using very powerful arkadions.