Does anybody know when the new arcs are implemented in the game?
Or when a update is coming?
Is this already in work?

From what I heard there should be an update at the end of the month because apple is slow? lol

The update is coming up around the end of the month but this update will be mainly bug fixes and among that sort of stuff. Updates with actual content will come after this one and there is no date set on those.

Thank you both, i think i can wait for a update :slight_smile: how about you?

Well normally I cant but this time its just waiting for nothing… As I heard its a bugfix update and there Will be a world map event

I Hope that Not all These “new” arcs come with the weekly Quest. Just more Story Would be very nice.

They’ll work on a content update after the hacker/bug fix. This bug fix will also contain a lot of game balance changes, such as a bonus action cap (and monsters being rebalanced).