What to do with my gold ?

I was wondering: I’ve got 1000 gold in a golden egg spin and I’ve now got about 1100 gold. I was wondering if I should buy a couple of golden eggs (mission or normal golden eggs) or buy a really killer recipe like Luxknight or Angelon. In my opinion, I’d buy a recipe but I’m not sure if that’s the best option. So, what should I do ?

Don’t buy recipes. You win those in-game.

Buy golden eggs

I personally recommend Golden Mission eggs, but it’s up to you

Ok then thanks guys !

Wait till theres an Ark in in the OM that you like and then buy the mission eggs for that is my recommendation

Indeed what rex said because tomorrow there is a very nice arkadion in the OM and if u cant get it u can try getting it in golden eggs and if u dont get a mission arkadion u can always get good arks from the mission eggs

Ok thanks !

I personally like the gold for the capturing for tough guys like the hatchlings just in case.

Yeah but if u have every catchable arkadion u can better spend it on OM mission eggs