Egg Spinning

Hey everyone,

I’m relativity new to this game and I was thinking about gambling on the egg spinner. I just have a few questions:

  1. Is it worth it? Which Arks are the “best” ones you can obtain through the spin?
  2. Are gold egg or gold mission eggs better?
  3. If I have an Ark (example leafy) whose C rank, will the ranks be better everytime I hit the same Ark on the spin?

My sole purpose is to eventually battle in pvp but seeing as how I’m 0-4 right now, I think I can use some new Arks.

  1. If it’s worth it depends on your wallet if you buy the gold for it :wink: If you plan on using your in-game acquired gold, I suggest you use the gold to catch hard to catch rares first. It’s IMO a better value than an egg since you could buy 5 eggs and get 5 crappy arks.

  2. Both egg types can get you the egg only arks but only the mission one carry the mission ark and the regular eggs carry 1 starter and 1 hatchling (both farmable but patience is required)

  3. Arks in gold eggs can only as good as or better than your current ark (if you already have it).

Hope this helps

Also, If I’m not mistaken, there is no gold prize in gold mission eggs, but in gold eggs you can get up to 500 gold. And in frenzy eggs, 5000

No there is gold in mission eggs.

Really? I’ve never noticed for some reason. Oh well.