Gold eggs or mission eggs?

What should I buy with my exess gold?

Depends. Do you want the mission monster? If yes, mission eggs. Otherwise gold eggs. 

I don’t really mind overall just wanting to know whats better overall

They’re pretty much the same except mission eggs include the mission monster and possibly not the starters/dragons (but I haven’t confirmed this so do correct me if wrong). 

Golden eggs but when there is an online mission and u didnt got the arkadion then u Should try to get it through mission eggs

Id go for gold eggs because they have hatchlings and starters along with the egg onlies and super powers like vegi and such

I got vegitiger of an egg last time! tough it was a C rank its still a vegitiger

Hey it could be E so still not bad, infact very lucky to have gotten him at all! Congrats and thats why i like gold eggs more because they have more “general” arks as prizes instead of the only good arks being mission ark or little fusions and maybe a good ark or 2 but gold eggs have 2+ egg onlies each egg plus hatchling and starter with a rare one sometimes like angelon or barry or even shadowlance luxnight or plasmorex

And ash your right hatch and starters arent in mission eggs

I understand that the hatchies are valuable but what’s good about the starters?

That idk i like hatchlings more the starters arent worth the hours