What is the best long term goal to spend gold on?

I am wondering what I should spend my gold on. I am right now trying to catch all of the hatchlings, but I am only on the third town, etc.

Should I spend it on fusion things? Eggs?

Post what you think is the best thing for eggs. 

Thanks :slight_smile:

If I were u I would save it for next Online Mission because if u dont get the arkadion u can try to get it again in the golden mission eggs.

Yea definitly save it for onlinemissions

Spend 300 gold on an egg that doesn’t guarantee you a good arkadion or spend 300 on three captures that practically ensure you a great arkadion?

Its not 300

298 is close enough

What’s not 300?

The gold egg is 298, right? That’s 2 gold pieces saved… but honestly, I would rather sacrifice two gold pieces for something that gives me an almost 100% chance to get most arkadions in the game.

If you meant the gold card, I meant 300 gold for three captures (three gold cards).

Ninja’d by Spikes :o

I’d hang on to it for gold cards.

Save any unneeded stress when that high level cherub pops up, or that hatchling with a 97% silver catch rate.

And using them on the monsters when the future OM guys are released into the wild might be extremely handy.

Doesn’t a card cost 150 gold?

Nope, it doesn’t ^^

It costs only 100:)
As for the golden eggs but no guarantee u Will get something! I have experience with bad luck

I just tried timing it, and I can’t do it so… ya.

I am going to use them for catching those hatchings (I am quite early in the game so they will help me a lot).

Aso, what does the onlinemission do in general? I haven’t gotten there yet.

Well, the Online Mission (or OM, as a lot of people refer to it) gives you a chance to get a really powerful arkadion. But they are limited in number, and you will be competing against others for the limited supply. So you need to get it quick or it’ll be gone before you know it.

But you can also fuse ingredients, get its first evo and evolve it, or buy a mission gold egg and use it to get the prize arkadion.