What they should change in the game..

What they should change? They should change the gold deals to a way better deal. 1.99$ is for 200 gold u should make it 0.99 cents probably like 500 gems coz no one wants to buy that kind of a deal. Reply down below what else u want to change in the game…

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I want an UPDATE

I typed the wrong thing. Suppose to be gold but i typed in gems.

You can edit your posts to make changes if you want to.

It’s coming

Plus, the admins are coming on more often

cool waiting for that :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all I love playing this game.  I think it is awesome.  I think alot of the time many people just get on the forums to complain and the devs never hear the positive.

That being said:

I think more people would spend real $$$ if you were guaranteed to get something from the gold eggs you buy.   In most apps, when you spend real money you get something (either an upgrade or something to help you in the game).  They way the gold eggs are in this game you pay for a slight chance at an ark that would help you in the game.  If they changed this I would end up spending real money.  They way it is now, I don’t spend money on slight chances and I would guess that I am not alone.

The counter for the starters and hatchlings, the counter set up at a guaranteed at 2000? 

This is a lot of time for one, one, hatchling. 500 would be a good number or even a 1000,

but I think 2000 is pushing it. I know their supposed to be rare arks, I understand but 2000

for me is a little bit too much for one ark.

^vespur it isn’t always right at the 2000 battle u know? There’s a 1/200 chance for it to spawn, and three arks (max) in each battle so u have a 3/200 chance I think per battle.anyways 2000 is a good number, it’s for a 12 star ark that does lots of damage.

And hatchlings are simply not required to complete the game. Yes, in starting PvP it’s a good ark to have, but in PvE? You can survive without it. 

As for the gold eggs, I totally agree. I get pretty disgruntled when I get a prickster from a gold egg - or worse, a gustbat. (it’s happened. :P) But, at least you can feed them to your team. It’s not totally a loss.