In the store, my suggestion is that, there can be an option to trade silver into gold. I was thinking like 1000 silver can be 1 gold, therefore 300000 silver being 300 gold. Not nessesarily being insanely hard to get but still time consuming. And can result a GOLD EGG.

Any ideas that transfer silver into gold are terrible


Because the amount of silver you can farm is stupidly easy and would make gold effectively worthless ON TOP OF THE FACT that it would cause the Devs to lose income

My opinion? Gold needs to go, eggs need to be direct to buy as many other items should and just leave silver (or change it to gold) as the in game currency

Seriously, conversion silver to gold conversion is silly and counterproductive

Would be nice to have some in-game means by which to get gold. But yes, this one is too risky for the developers. I also think that gold should only have visual purposes instead of pay to win purposes. Example: change the appearance of your Ark, of your character, or something, rather than having a PvP advantage. But this isn’t the right topic for such discussions :slight_smile:

I agree mostly.Having a persona (skin) for your arks would be cool,but some should be available in the wild for a certain amount of time every year,like Halloween personas or skins or whatever.Transferring silver to gold is a HORRIBLE idea.The refs would lose a lot of income then.If the devs made new PvE missions every week or something,and each time have one or 2 give 50-100 gold,that’d be amazing.

lvl 90-94 arks sell for 5 gold

lvl 95-99 arks sell for 10 gold


unless they can be easily caught, then nah

If you’re going to suggest turning silver into gold, then the price tag needs to be insanely high. E.g. 1 million silver for 1-5 gold.

Otherwise the idea is not worth pursuing.


It would need to be even more ridiculous than that

For 1 gold? It’d still take 298 million gold to buy a gold egg. That’d take a lot of dedication to get.


But as I said, the best possible path is just make the eggs direct to buy and make egg packages

I mean, I totally agree. I’m against implementing silver-for-gold, but I still think it’d be rare anybody would farm that much to begin with for a single egg.

Too bad id be one of those people.

… Why? They aren’t even that good.