What quality of life improvements do you want?

@Dev_VKC I am curious about something, Will yall ever gonna revert some nerfs of monster if their old state doesnt become Op in the meta anymore.

Stuff like floc for example. he used to be very Op in the past considering the meta was mostly legends and not mythics. But now since the meta shifted more into more bulky mythics, doesnt that make his old skillset just strong in todays meta?


Freezecobra speed nerf (this might be hesistant as not to make poison end strong but this gives a chance for poison to strive in fl)
Goldtail Potent sleep nerd since this was mostly pve rather than pvp. There are far better sleep monsters in pvp like sakura/gremoris. and in pve, it was used with geartyrant who now have fallen in pve standards

thats all i can think of rn anyway

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Gold tail could use a buff but perhaps not to where it was before. I’d like to see flocco unnerfed too. He was great


They ruined my boy

Partial no for the Flocco unnerf. Bomboid + Flocco was absolute cancer. However, wouldn’t mind if he got dual slayerbane back. Sleep killer is too situational.

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Yeah that sounds good to me. I think the tanker meta we have will be better at handling it, but I agree the bomb combo was annoying. Dual slayer works for me :partying_face:

First, I’ve requested this before, but I’d like to see a “!” mark when you complete an Achievement. We often have to check whether we have achieved them or not, which is a hassle.

Second, How about changing Gold Eggs so that they can also be hatched with Paid Gems? The developer said that the number of users has increased by 150K+, so I’m happy because if more users spend money, the game will continue.


Yeeees. Give paid packs to those rotating banners.


I would like to be able to exchange banner pickup legends for 6 Star Tickets.
There are few uses for 6 Star Tickets because the number of items that can be exchanged for 6 Star Tickets does not increase. *It would be nice if Mythic increased, but it probably hasn’t changed for over a year, so there’s not much use for 6 Star Tickets in this cycle.
How about making it possible to exchange Pickup Legends for 16 tickets for a limited time during Banner Pickup?
I don’t think it will have much of an impact on the game, as 16 is more than what is normally exchanged and is not a number that can be easily prepared.

Also, this will make my 200+ 6 Star Tickets happy. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Lol


They should also have 20 6star ticket for a 7star ticket, i would want that right noe😩

No, that would be way too easy to get featured legends without hatching for them on new banners. For myths you got to spend 12 7star tickets (which is a lot), if you want to awaken without spending any gems on a banner. Getting 6star ticks is fairly easy for players with big collections where lots of their standard poll legends are already +9. They should rather release more of those 80-tickets mythics in the shop, so there is a bigger poll to choose from and spend collected 6star ticks.

Ideal would be for them to release 3-4 80tix myths at the same time that are like chronozillion level strength. Strong, useful, but nothing game breaking, so people have options. Or even make them specific to breaking and forming new metas, in a rock paper scissors where they each counter each other AND other stuff that’s pushed too hard


get starters back to super epic potion.
plain and sample, making them the cheapest legendaries officially.

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Yeah, something on Iride level, where it is not that much broken but can be build around to make it shine.

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Exactly. Something that can’t just be thrown into any team and thrive, but that can be built around and be good-great without being op like the perfect shop myth power level imo

When you open egg hatch, if there are several banners active ( usually are),
You have to scroll through every one,

If there was a small icon as a shortcut for permanent banners that’d be helpful,
For friendship hatch, rare gold egg & normal gold eggs,


Can there be specific amount of deage fruits mentioned on monsters who needs them, that’d be really helpful.
Like how many fruits a monster needs in order to get 100% .

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It have been almost 3 years i am playing this game and till now it doesn't have any changes …

@Dev_VKC It would be good if you reduce some difficulties in ingredient mission.

Before few days i had got some new monsters and have been grinding ingredients for them.

I want (Crystalmouth , smt like that) to evolve most of the monsters but after lot of tries i only saw 2 of them ! :expressionless:

I mean ,why ? same with pyramids too "like if you want fire one then you get other then it again and again . Isn't that annoying?

It is really too difficult to get specific monster for ultra evolution.

I don't want a huge change rather i would like the little screen decide what comes in battle !

Same with other events too .

Also this is my personal opinion.

I want your opinions in this



Do the ingredient mission that rotates, saves time and tickets.

Ik thats a option but the waiting time is way too long
I understand for the event that can be played more then once but what about other 2 events that can only be played once ?

If it would be changing each day rather than 4 days it would be nice and effectively good