Hey guys,long time no post

Here guys,how are you doing? I hope everyone is ok
Well,i do this thread cause i be thinking, (it’s just my opinión) but a pvp 2 vs 2 will ve great
I mean,that can change a lot,imagine all the posibilitties


I think I opened something like that once, they said no, the reason was pairing difficulties (lack of work)

literally 6 days after @Killerdog closed my thread you suggest exactly the same thing. :roll_eyes::joy:

see point 4 and the discussion after.

also contains the auto-battle suggestion that was also made a few days ago. :rofl:


It was guessable just closed because of necrobump, your post is still perfect, because issues haven’t been fixed / suggestions were not taken.

But the players still wish for the same features.